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I got the book “Cowboy Lust” for review. This is a compilation book edited and co-authored by Delilah Devlin. Cowboy Lust has 15 stories and includes a Foreward by Lorelei James.

This a great concept of a book about cowboys and the women that love them. I had a hard time getting into the stories though. The erotic scenes in this book had the volume turned way down. I had to double check but yes this is the same author that gave us Girls that Bite one of my absolute favorite erotic compilations. I expected so much more, too much maybe.

Riding Double by Cari Quinn. A woman tries to entice the man she is lusting after to get with her twin sister for a threesome. I had issues with the idea that any twin would entertain thoughts of sex with their sibling.

Under the Southern Cross by Cheyenne Blue. This woman finds herself in a bit of trouble and hiding from the law in the Outback in Australia. It sounds so far fetched but the characters had depth and I loved the juicy scene between the damsel in distress and her cowboy hero.

Banging the Cowboy by Randi Alexander was a great story about a female drummer working at a club. She daydreams about this big cowboy that she keeps running into. He has a bad reputation but she tames the beast within with her girly charm and shy demeanor. They end up in a hot tangle and they live happily ever after.

Ladies Love Country Boys by Cat Johnson. A woman stranded next to a rodeo and waiting for a tow truck decides to pass the time with anonymous sex. You only live once right?

Drought by Micheal Bracken. A teacher in a small town takes a tumble during a morning run. Her hero just happens to find her in a ditch and helps her in more ways than one.

Roped by Charlene Tegila was about a woman that goes home for Christmas. She is little sad being single and seeing her sister’s perfect life, so she ventures out to a Christmas party at a neighboring ranch. The host is a ghost from her past that gets her all tied up.

Rough Stock by M. Marie. A ranch hand watches in anticipation as her overconfident lover tries to mount a horse in the rodeo. She just happens to be the boss’ daughter.

The Ranch Hand by Sedona Fox. A woman finds out her father’s ranch is being sold, but the buyer is much closer then she thinks.

Small-Town Famous by Lissa Matthews. A fiery woman goes after a woman that is getting too close to her beau. Her time in jail gets interesting as he finally pops the question.

The Storm by Tahira Iqbal. A strong headed woman heads home in a storm and ends up in a ditch. The accident leads her back to an estranged lover.

Some Like it Dirty by Kimber Vale. A big city woman breaks down on her way to find an organic milk farmer for an ad campaign. It’s too good to be true that her hero arrives and ends up being a perfect fit for her and the company.

Raney’s Last Ride by Chaparrita. A woman scorned sets out to get revenge on the outlaws that killed her husband. The crafty woman gets all her holes filled and her revenge. A badass smut story with a happy ending!

Runaway Bride by Delilah Devlin. A kidnapping allows this husband to get to know his naughty bride-to-be properly. The sex in this story is hot, Delilah knows how to dish out details.

She Don’t Stay the Night by Anna Meadows. Unfortunately, this book ends as flat as it beings with this story written in Spanglish. I couldn’t follow this story at all.

I don’t live in the “deep south” and I may just be missing something about the lifestyle of cowboys. With the exception of a few stories I didn’t really enjoy this book. It didn’t have characters I could believe in. The characters are perfectly good, or bad, or business, or country. The Cowboys in some of these stories are just too fictionally perfect to be believed. I really wanted to like this book. I earnestly gave it a shot, but it didn’t really thrill me.

This book was more romance and not so much erotic. If Cowboy Romantic Fiction is your thing you might just love this book.

I received this book from Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.



  1. Sunnie says:

    ooh, this looks so good! Im a cowgirl, happily married to my sexy cowboy. I like to read/watch porn.

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