Mundane and Miraculous

What a fucking week! Where the fuck have I been? I am about to to tell you. . .

The balance that I try to keep between my many roles sometimes gets out of whack. Three posts on Sunday and then radio silence. This blog is my outlet from all the normal and sometimes stupid shit that tries to bog me down on a daily basis. It seems that everyday I see some new asshole has their own show on television. I lack the means to provide you the type of entertainment that is my life on a daily basis. It isn’t always sexy, but that is the fucking point. Real life is harsh and un-sexy in it’s delivery. I don’t have the words to spin this in a sexy way. So let me keep it real by bearing a bit of the mundane and miraculous shit that has been happening. The truth about what has kept me from posting anything.

I am mentally exhausted. This week started off without Miguel. He was scheduled to come home on Wednesday after being gone for a whole week. I am so grateful for the tweets and comments from those of you that have been separated from lovers and your encouragement that it will be over soon. Thank you! He is home now, we made it, and things are slowly getting back to normal. Miguel and I have enjoyed some awesome sex since he has returned. It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I didn’t think I could love him more. I keep looking at him and I am just thankful to have him in my life.

My youngest son had surgery this week. Having my child go through that, well…it is a hell I would not wish on anyone. Having to handle everything in Miguel’s absence was even worse. (He came home after we were released from the hospital) It is over now and he is recovering well. (Thank you God!) I have four kids. They are all awesome, but the little one is special. I really, really want to share all the tiny miracle details about my son and his journey, but this isn’t the right place. Maybe one day I will sit down and write about it. But not here, and not today.

I went two days without internet while at the hospital with my son and when I came home I found the internet at the house not working. FUCK! It is obviously back up now, but damn it! We had multiple repair men out to the house yesterday. First for the internet, then for the dryer that we just bought. To say I am behind is putting it mildly. I had some sexy stuff I planned to write but the universe is forever against me. I spend yesterday evening folding laundry. Whoohoo!

Anyways….It’s Saturday! I am looking forward to some kind of trouble tonight.



  1. Massive hugs to you! I cannot imagine the kind of stress having any of my kids in surgery would to do me. Genius Child had his wisdom teeth pulled a bit ago and that was bad enough. I’m so glad your little one will be fine!

    I hope you find all the trouble you sought. I missed FetishCircuit upstairs at The Honey Pot (again) and with the RNC in town in 2 weeks and school starting in a week for the young ones life is about to get all kinds of ridiculous around here.

    Best of luck! I’m pulling for ya!

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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