Fuze Wilde

I am such a Happy Camper right now! I got a harnessable dildo with great clitoral stimulation for the wearer. The Fuze Wilde didn’t look like it had much potential but this may be the best dildo for a harness I have ever used!

Materials: Silicone

Dimensions: 9″ x 1.75 (7″ insertable)

The Fuze Wilde is made by Happy Valley, the same folks who gave us the Tango double dildo. This is a pretty large silicone dildo. I was a bit confused about the base. I thought it might be good for clitoral stimulation but only if rubbing ridges is your thing. I realized after I received it that it has a small hole near the base for a small vibrator, which paired up with the ridges makes this pretty great for clitoral stimulation when thrusting for the wearer.

The shaft is a bit wide, but I was able to get the Fuze Wilde to work with all my harnesses, including the rodeoH! Although it was a bit tough getting it past the bumps on the head, it fit well in the rodeoH and the placement for the wearer is perfect for stimulation while thrusting. The length combined with the width gave me that perfect full feeling. The slight curve helped to mash the g-spot when inserted. I loved the smooth shaft along with the ridged head. The rounded head required some water-based lubrication for insertion, after that it was smooth going in. When the vibrator is in place a slight buzz can be felt throughout the shaft all the way to the tip. Of course, the strength of vibrations will depend greatly on the strength of the vibrator you use it with.


Taking care of the Fuze Wilde is pretty simple. (As you can see from the pics) The material is a bit tacky and picks up lint/dust/hair pretty easily, so at least rinse prior to using. Use only water-based lubricants with it. Wash it with soap and water, a sex toy cleaner, boil it or use a 10% bleach solution. This dildo did not come with a storage pouch. I store this with other pure silicone toys. The packaging could be retained for storage but is a bit flimsy. In fact, one of the sides got crushed in the mail on my package.











I think the Fuze Wilde is brilliant! If you have been looking for a harnessable dildo that the wearer will actually enjoy you should give this one a try. I have become real frustrated when a dildo has the bullet vibe go into the base, making it uncomfortable for the wearer (also when thrusting this type of dildo in a harness, the vibe will turn on and off). I love this design and think it should become the new standard. It has some variety to offer for solo play. The silicone is perfect for body safe play. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a vibrator. I think this a pretty significant downside since it is so much better with a vibrator. I had to knock it down to 4 stars for that. A bullet vibe is pretty easy to find and inexpensive to replace. The bullet for this dildo should be no wider than .5″ in order for it to fit. I recommend something like the Les Petite BonBons for use with it.

The Fuze Wilde is available at SheVibe, one of my favorite shops! SheVibe has very competitive prices with fast and discreet shipping. Check out the entertaining layout & design of this online shop.


Review Summary
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

 I was supplied this toy free of charge from SheVibe in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.



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  2. M says:

    Which strapon dildo do you prefer between the Fuze Wilde and the Fuze Tango KissinBlueKaren? Which do you find gives the wearer a better experience?

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  5. Girly Juice says:

    I’m working on my review of the smaller Fuze dildo, Harmony. I find myself wishing it were bigger, like the Wilde, because the G-spot stimulation it provides is almost nil. :(
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