2012 Best Sex Blogger Nominations

2012 Best Sex Blogger Nominations are open at Between My Sheets. This is a list I would ♥love♥ to see my name on again. If you enjoy reading my blog, please nominate KissinBluekaren to be on this list! Of course I encourage you to vote for your favorites. Rori, of Between My Sheets, will pick the top 100 based on the nominations. There are some consistently sexy blogs that deserve to be on this list, you can nominate as many as you wish. This year is the 5th year of the Top sex Bloggers list so Rori is giving away 5 different sex toys this year. A comment with a nomination gets you a chance to win!

Here are my top picks for 2012 (in no particular order):

  • http://darkside-journey.blogspot.com/ This blog is consistently sexy. They have been in a TPE relationship for a long time and have been blogging also for a long time. She writes with such honesty, and almost daily, about her life with her master Anakin. There are lots of sexy pics. Padme is always happy to hear from her readers.
  • http://mollysdailykiss.com/ If case you don’t know about one of the hottest blogs in the UK, please check this blog out! She has a huge following and for good reason. She writes smart about sex and her life as a collared submissive. Molly is so much more than a submissive though check out the blog and you’ll see what I mean.
  • http://www.redregioninferno.com/ This blog is written by a male artist in a swinging relationship. He doesn’t write any sort of theme but his writing is good and entertaining. He is smart and sexy and talented. All this bleeds into his blog for an entertaining spot on the web.
  • http://rebeccaammon.com/ My friend Rebecca is also a swinger in the Tampa Bay area. She writes often on this blog giving advice about the lifestyle. Rebecca is sexy as hell and has a few side projects (the penis parade and the lady bits parade). Her site is entertaining, relevant, and thought provoking.
  • http://www.swingersattic.com/ I found this site right after we started swinging and it has a wealth of information for newbies. Most of it is through Q & A with both the male and female answering reader questions. They don’t claim to know everything but they handle topics with honesty and experience of a couple that has been swinging for years.

I didn’t include any of my favorite sex toy reviewers on this list because reviewing sex toys doesn’t necessarily make you a “sex blogger” automatically. Although some of them do write about the adult industry and very smartly. Some of the reviewers never bear anything on the web except their opinions of a product. Of course, this is a completely different style of entertainment that I dabble in sometimes. Some reviewers do it with more style than others. I would have a whole different list if I included sex toy reviewers.

There are very few perks for revealing my sex life on the web. The few comments I receive and being on this list would be thank you enough to continue for another sexy year! I hope you will go and nominate KissinBlueKaren for this Best Sex Bloggers 2012 list. Click here to put in your nomination and get the chance to win one of 5 sex toys courtesy of Between My Sheets.

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  1. padmeamidala says:

    Thank you for mentioning my blog in your Top Picks! Your blog is one of my favorites too! I read all of your posts and love your writing. :)

    padmeamidala would like you read..Long weekend of movies and fun!My Profile

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