Tantric Binding Love Hog Tie


We have never owned a hog tie, so when California Exotics asked me to pick my pleasure I jumped at the chance to get one! This month all the items for the Sexpert program were inspired by the bestselling book 50 Shades of Grey. No matter how you feel about the book you can’t deny the buzz it has created. I love the fact that it may have opened doors for some woman looking to expand their sexual horizons. This item was not necessarily used in the book 50 Shades of Grey but you can imagine that Christian would have used something like this on Anastasia in their love play.

So I got this gem in the mail and I waited for just the right time to get it out for Miguel and I to use. I knew I wouldn’t have to wait too long. Last Friday Miguel and I had a great date night and then headed home to find sleeping children…..the perfect time for us to try out our new hog tie.

Specs: 6.5” x 3” (wrist cuffs) 8” x 3” (ankle cuffs) 7” (straps)

Materials: 35% Rubber, 65% Polyester (cuffs) Polyester (bows) PP (hook connectors) Nickel-Free Alloy (hardware)

Each restraint is elastic and felt comfortable on me. I was able to slip these on without too much trouble and a bit of help from Miguel.

My wrists are 6″ and my ankles are 9″. They are small for my frame, which is a good thing. This hog tie is stretchy opposed to adjustable so size of your wrists and ankles will make or break this for you. The wrist straps are a bit smaller than the ankle straps for obvious reasons. I was able to get it over my hands and it stayed snug on my wrists without cutting off circulation or being too tight. I doubt you could really be too small to use this restraint system, but you could be too big. I was able to maneuver the wrist cuffs onto my ankles but then they were tight. (I did this so I could get a feel for how they would fit if my wrists were 9″.) In my opinion they were too tight to be worn comfortably for a long session. It is just really lucky that these cuffs fit me almost perfectly.

That being said we had a lot of fun with this restraint device! I loved the little bows and the heart shaped “D” ring. It is not meant for heavy play, this hog tie is mean to look cute…and it does. I think this set works well for restraining except for the fact that the cuffs don’t adjust to fit every size player. This really isn’t a one size fits all device. Too bad really!


It was much more comfortable being restrained on my back then having these restraints behind my back. The straps feel more sturdy and do not stretch. Miguel had to help me with them behind my back and then he reported his favorite parts of me were not exposed enough for him to get to. At first he had me strapped in to the four point system, but eventually he had to undo my feet so I was a bit more accessible. Miguel used the opportunity while I was tied up to help me test out some insertable items. This system was much easier than using ropes and it looked cuter as well. Add a blindfold and you could have your own 50 Shades of fun!

The packaging for the Tantric Binding Love Hog Tie was a cardboard box with a very sexy girl all tied up in both positions on it. The box wasn’t very discreet. The Hog Tie was in the box in a plastic bag. I store my Binding Love Hog Tie in the box in a drawer.

Check out the whole collection of binding love from California Exotics.

I was supplied this toy free of charge from California Exotics in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. Great review and photos hun, I too have this set and found the same as you that it was much more comfortable laying on my back than legs and arms behind, I think I’m showing my age, Im after comfort too lol.

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