Killing Kittens is coming to America


Killing Kittens is an elite membership site that boasts over 18,000 like-minded members, mostly women. They are very picky in their elite membership. They have a screening process that keep their members from potential hook-ups with “undesirables”. Killing Kittens is all about fulfilling fantasies. Killing Kittens is the next generation of online dating. You may become a member of the “litter box” on this website for free. I have to admit the membership base of this club is very sexy. Who wouldn’t want to mingle with the sophisticated, beautiful & rich members who have already passed the screening? The thing that really sets this site apart is that only woman can join, (well that…and their screening process). No single males. Men can only be part of the club by being part of a couple. This is a site where woman have all the control.


Populist myth has it that every time a woman ‘sins by pleasuring herself

God, in retribution, kills a kitten.

According to the website “Killing Kittens” has become a colloquialism for female masturbation. I have never heard this, maybe it is well known in Europe? In America we don’t even admit that women do those thing in most circles, except maybe here on the net where we just call it like it is.

Killing Kittens is at the forefront of a movement where women make the decisions and own their sexuality. This is something unheard of in Europe.The brains behind Killing Kittens is Emma Sayle. Emma made a name for herself when she brought the now infamous New York Cake parties to London. Emma has become a tabloid darling who’s known for her provocative endeavors and is said to have ties to royalty like Kate Middleton, (Duchess of Cambridge).

What would it be like to attend a Killing Kittens party? Killing Kittens touts some of the most kinky parties on the planet. It is one part A list party, one part Eyes Wide Shut. The events organized by Killing Kittens are by invite only. “I organize orgies,” said the British “sex-trepreneur” and mind behind Killing Kittens. What red-blooded American swinger wouldn’t want to be a part of this? Three rules for the party:

  • Men can only speak when spoken to (by a woman).
  • “No” means no.
  • Girls make the rules, and only girls can break the rules.



You can view the Killing Kittens site here. Their first party in America is scheduled this month in beautiful Miami, FL.

Is America ready for Killing Kittens? More and more the question I have in mind is, Is Killing Kittens ready for Miami?


  1. Carly says:

    I understand the concept, but I don’t understand the marketing. If you’re a sexy website trying to turn people on, why oh why would you refer to the hook-up area as “the litter box”? Terrible!

  2. fire says:

    I would say that the price tag of the parties alone makes it more fantasy than reality, to say nothing of the “standards” they keep for members. It might be nice to think about, but for women of “normal” attractiveness and means like myself, it’s really not something floating on my radar.

  3. macho99 says:

    If they screen the women, do they screen the men? I mean, once a woman gets in and wants to bring her partner in, IF he doesn’t pass, what happens?

    All of this is exciting stuff though. But $220, that price point is STEEP.
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