RodeoH Boxers Review

You might remember I did a review for the rodeoH back in November. I was lucky enough to get to try out the boxer briefs this time. They are just as awesome! You can read that review here. I am a big fan of rodeoH. The rodeoH is a strap-on that you can wear comfortably. There are no straps to adjust, just slip it on and slide your dildo of choice through the hole. It has a flap inside that a dildo can slide into, transforming these comfortable briefs into a strap-on. The rodeoH is sexy, comfortable, and functional!

Materials: 95% cotton, 5% spandex

The rodeoH comes in lots of sizes. The sizing for rodeoH is from 23-55″ hip (that is measuring at the widest part of you hips). According to the website, you should order it a size smaller for a truly snug fit. The opening for the dildo is a silicone or rubber “o” ring sewn into the cotton. The rodeoH can handle a good size dildo. The ideal dildo for this would be about 5-6″ in length by 1.5-2″ in width.

RodeoH is the best strap-on I have ever used. There is no waiting for strap adjustments and no chaffing from nylon or leather, just cotton comfort! The rodeoH strap-on is ready when ever you are, just slide it on and slide the dildo in. The placement for the dildo is slightly higher than any strap-on I have tried. The dildo will rest on your pubic bone, but it is a comfortable fit. In these pics I have inserted a Tantus Tsunami into my rodeoH.

 I am torn on which one I like better.

Once you get the dildo in, there is cotton between the wearer and the dildo. This adds even more comfort for the wearer. The rodeoH is genius! You could wear the rodeoH comfortably under almost anything. The nice thing about the boxer brief is that it is more like spandex shorts. Could you wear it out? Absolutely! I spied the rodeoH boxer briefs in some photos from an event in SF just last month…

I love my new boxer brief rodeoH. The boxer brief is available in grey and maroon. The hipster brief is available in black and red (as shown) or black and light or dark grey. The rodeoH comes in a cotton pouch and includes a dogtag stamped rodeoH and some care instructions. The rodeoH should be hand or machine washed and hung to dry.

The rodeoH changed the way I look at strap-ons. Wearing a dildo doesn’t have to be some uncomfortable thing. RodeoH makes wearing a dildo more comfortable and spontaneous. The rodeoH is available with $5 off and free shipping with the code mamak here.

Review Summary
Karen LOVES the rodeoH!
Absolutely my favorite strap-on!

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I was supplied this toy free of charge from rodeoH in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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  3. Jamie Martin says:

    I want this more than anything!

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  5. Danielle says:

    Thank you for doing this review. I’ve been curious about rodeoh for a while now. I have to get one.

  6. llellsee says:

    These look great on you!

    I so need to get myself a pair, I can imagine I’ll end up loving them more than the original :)
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  7. macho99 says:

    I do love the boxers but on you the briefs are hotter. ;) Might be the color that’s putting me off.

    Great review! :D
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