Red Grows the Roses -Book Review

Six sexy vampire conquer the city and their lust in this erotic tale by Janine Ashbless. This book is very well written and full of sexy scenes. These are the vampires of my dreams. They are sexy, powerful, and sexually dominant. This book is a great read and I highly recommend this author. She writes eloquently and gives the characters depth and allure.

I could scarcely put this book down. I have to admit it unfolded a bit unusually. Each of the first few chapters tells a sexy tale of vampires and lust and then introduces the vampire star. Each of these chapters could have been a book on its own. The characters range from selfish extroverts to hermit recluses. The author reminds us of the wide spectrum of fun and the burden of being a vampire without being overtly obvious. The nice thing about each of these chapters being a story on their own is that I never really knew what to expect from the next chapter.

The characters:

  • Ben The youngest vampire in the city. He is easily influenced by his vampire peers. His is almost harmless except for his youth gives him a blood-lust/fuck-lust that won’t be sated.
  • Roisin The oldest of the city vampires. Her existence is as a mirror ghost. She is so old she breaks the rules of matter and has all but forgotten what she is.
  • Wakefield The recluse vampire. He tends to his roses these days. He has all but stopped hunting. He was mentored by Reynauld.
  • Estelle The star. You have to earn the right to be her victim. A sexy siren with a lust for power. She loves the limelight. She runs BDSM and fight clubs all over the city.
  • Reynauld He runs the city. He has authority over all the vampire in the city. He is fair and ferocious. He is the Good Shepard.
  • Naylor He is dangerous. He has no empathy or compassion and now he wants to see Reynauld fall.

There are other human characters, some of which the author invites us to identify with. The humans in this story are not the point and the author reminds us time and again by leaving their stories incomplete. The author invites you to enjoy a day in the life of…and tells a bit of the history of the characters. The erotic aspects are written very well and some of them took me by complete surprise.

I wasn’t satisfied by the way the book ended simply because I wanted more. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and erotic tales in this book. This is a good read and I recommend it!

The e-book Red Grow the Roses is available at Mischief Books for £1.99. Red Grow the Roses is also available on Kindle for $2.99.


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  10. fire says:

    ooooo on the Kindle! So this is really why I have one!
    fire would like you read..everyone’s got an agenda // tmi tuesday #13My Profile

  11. I love Janine Ashbless stories and style, I cant wait to read this one too with my love of vampires.
    Great review hun thanks.

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