Caliente Resort

We get invited to Caliente Resort all the time. Caliente is a nudist resort. The have swinger type events there almost every weekend. Everyone that has been there that we have talked to, has told us how exemplary the accommodations are there. We have a whole list of excuses for not trying something new, because to be honest “nudist” doesn’t really describe us.

  • It is too far. We thought this place was like in the middle of Florida or something. I thought this place was like a little resort surrounded by a lot of nothingness. In truth, this resort is easy to get to and just a little bit off a major road off the interstate.
  • It is too expensive. They have a lot of specials and their parties are priced very competitively with other swinger clubs. I was shocked to find out how reasonable they were priced.
  • It will just be “old” people or “ugly” people and we don’t really want to see that. Like we are some hard body athletic people. Umm, there were so many sexy bodies at the resort. It really was ridiculous that I even thought that.
  • We are perfectly happy with our regular club. Ya, that shit has changed. I promote a club on-line for free and I don’t even get a discount at the door. I have seen major staffing shifts at our regular haunt and it just confirms the idea that maybe it is all about money for some clubs.
  • We can’t stay over. Having responsibilities and stuff we had this idea that we had to stay over. Nah! It will be very nice when we can but it is not a requirement now that we know how close this place is.

We got another invite Memorial Day weekend. This couple assured us that they go every weekend and they have a blast. We finally relented with our excuses and took a chance. I am so very glad we did, we had a great time. Caliente is a little resort that is indeed paradise. The whole resort is surrounded by a compound looking wall to keep it private. Everything from the front gate to the well manicured landscapes to the helpfulness of staff, screamed money! How does this place go undiscovered by us for so long….damn it! They have homes, condos and big hotels right on site.

There was parking right by the gate and we found a spot fairly easily even on this busy holiday weekend. Right as we got out of the car we noticed golf carts transporting scantly clad (and overdressed folks) over to the clubhouse. We missed the first trip and I took the opportunity to have a look around. There were people enjoying naked tennis right next to us. The buildings looked well maintained and the landscape was very nicely done. A minute later a different golf cart arrived to take us over. The trip to the clubhouse took only a minute or two. I noticed plenty of people walking around the community as well. How considerate is it for them not to make me walk from my car to the party. The clubhouse is where we spend the majority of the day, but even that was very well staffed. The building was all nicely furnished and there were plenty of bathrooms that were well stocked. Walking through the foyer to the back of the building our eyes focused on the view we know of Caliente. From the back of the courtyard we had a picturesque view of the pool, waterfall, and tiki area. They actually have more than one pool there but spent most of our day in the upper deck pool socializing with our friends, but I get ahead of myself here.

We found our friends fairly easily and they were already naked. I was surprised at how easy it was for both of us to strip down and walk around. Possibly being surrounded by naked people made it a bit easier. At the pool and wearing clothes I would have been the oddity! I spied many different body types there. Other that feeling pale, I didn’t feel so self conscious, especially once I got in the pool.

They had at least three bars (maybe more) that we found easy to access from where we were at. I ordered a drink and I was blown away by how much alcohol I got, these were not the watered-down drinks I was used to. It was very nice to not feel nickel and dime-d at the bar. I tried not to drink it too fast, but the fact is that after that one drink I was pretty sauced. It was hard to leave. We plan on getting a room there in the very near future. I will definitely let you know what the hotels rooms look like. We ended up spending 4 hours in the pool. We had a very nice time and met some nice new people too. We headed home exhausted. I was so drunk/horny I gave Miguel head in the car until he found a place to pull over on the way home. It is lucky that we have a nice big car now. Sex in the car was not quite like I expected but at least I can scratch it off my sexual bucket list now.


  1. Michelle says:

    Fabulous find! Weekend nights are $20 at the gate to get in and drinks are no worse priced than anywhere else…always a good time…a great alternative to “the other” club :)

  2. Michelle says:

    FYI….the rooms are cool with the tilted mirror ceilings…but expensive :)

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