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My birthday is coming up. It has me in a reflective type of mood. What have I done with the last year of my life? More than not I think about what I have done sexually. I shared some of my fantasies here a few months ago. It seems even after all the things that we have done, I still have a sexual bucket list. I don’t feel any reason to act shy about my fantasies at this point in my life. I wanna explore my bucket list and see what is actually possible. I don’t go into too much detail about the things I actually want to experience. I want a clean slate if they actually happen. I think having too clear of a fantasy can be dangerous, and lead to disappointment.

I dare to dream of fantasies with gender bending players. Shocking? It is to me since my experience with gender bending has been pretty limited. Maybe it is recent reading that has me thinking of the possibilities. Maybe it is the few cross dressing people I have seen lately. I gotta share the recent thoughts about this. At first I was like confused. I couldn’t really understand it. While I have to give props to someone who would be so brave as to claim their sexuality no matter the cost. In my life I am pretty much surrounded with guys who are constantly re-assuring me of their manliness. They constantly remind me of their lack of feminine skills. Most of these guys are not remotely interested in showing their feminine side. Guys, loosen up. You can be plenty sexy and feminine at the same time.

My next group of fantasies on my bucket list involve public sex. I want sex in the car (oral doesn’t count), I want sex on the side of the road because we couldn’t wait to make it home. I want sex in the theater, this is probably the only fantasy that makes into my masturbation sessions. This one varies a bit, but Miguel is always there.

Another type of fantasies on my bucket list are all about BDSM play. I go over the top when Miguel takes charge of sex play and “forces” me to do things for him. I love the flogging/spanking sessions we have been doing lately. I really miss going to the club and getting spanked for a large audience. I guess that is not so shocking considering the attention whore that I am. I do wish we could find a BDSM club locally that allowed sex play as well. Fetish Con is coming to Tampa in August and I am already thinking about getting our tickets. We missed it last year. I don’t want that to happen again. I imagine the scenes from there will be pretty inspiring! My list will grow, who knows what will end up on it next.

I would love to hear something on your list. It might inspire me to add something new to mine…


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  3. macho99 says:

    For some reason, I’ve always wanted to have sex in the water. Pool, shower, lake, beach. Anything with water. Lubrication might be a problem but I still want to try it. :P

    Oh, and ditto to the public sex. :)
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    • BlueKaren says:

      Hey don’t let that stop you! Try some silicone based lubrication, since it is thicker and won’t wash away as easily with water.

      • MikeLynn says:

        Hello, we regularly attend a house party over here on the east coast and the lube everyone uses for sex in the pool is Olive oil. It’s provided by the hosts there. It works GREAT! However, I’ve read that it’s possible that it can break down the latex in condoms making them less effective.

        Mike and Lynn

  4. Silverdrop says:

    Swinging is on my sexual bucket list, so you’re already ahead of me. We’ve talked about it, but we want to wait until after we’ve moved in together and adjusted to that before we introduce any new complications into things.
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  5. Jamie Martin says:

    Speaking of sexual bucket lists.. Late last year, I won a set of bed sheets people had written all over – the things they do in bed. That is my sexual bucket list!

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