Mind Vomit and the WWW

I have been doing a lot of online searching this week. Fucking bored and needing some inspiration. I have been figuring out some complex things on my empty days off. While everyone else is working during the week, I am wasting time. I certainly hope this crappy schedule is really just temporary.

Miguel and I have been doing really well. I told him about the Fifty Shades of Gray book and it inspired something in him. That night he really showed me who is boss in the bedroom. I rather liked it. Sometimes I daydream about a TPE relationship, but then I remember what a complete brat I am, and how violated I felt after the birthday spankings. I don’t think I could handle it. I am sure I would end up topping from the bottom. Our relationship is great anyways. I love that we can explore some BDSM and swinging then go straight back to “normal”.


Speaking of my birthday, Miguel is planning something awesome for me this year. I am a bit nervous. My birthday weekend, (yes I claim the whole weekend), is going to be the first one I am off in over a month. That week things will go back to normal and I get to see all my friends again. I miss my swinger friends. I am sure the club is not the same without me….hello narcissism. We are going to the club tonight. Thursdays are nothing compared to Saturday nights, but at least we are getting out.

Ohhh…I am getting a divorce. ~Shocking confession~ I am still married to someone else. (Yes, Miguel knows!) I got all the paperwork filled out, now I just need to find $400 laying around so I can file. No wonder I let this project wait 5 years. I have been without my husband for 5 years, longer than we were a real couple. BTW, it is much easier, and cheaper, to get married than it is to get divorced. This shit just sucks.

My Alexa rank is slipping into crappy numbers. I can’t belive how fast I am forgotten. I wanna care and fix it. I think it is solely because I stopped doing so many contests. I don’t wanna be forgotten so I have a few contests coming up.

I love you guys. I want you to feel entertained as well. Here are some articles I found around the www this week:

CNN talks about Sex Toys Going Mainstream This article by CNN gives me hope that people are playing more and kink is going mainstream. I might have read too much into it. What do you think?

Kinsey Confidential: Discussing Monogamy and Non-Monagamy strict monogamy is on the decline, awesome!

Sex Addiction Test I was just curious. I have been thinking a bit about trauma and how that translates into personalities. Would someone think I was an addict and what makes someone an addict? I passed the test. I probably won’t be re-visiting this subject again.

Bean Fiddler reviews the Vanity 5.5 Just in case you were curious about the other new vibes in the Jopen Point Five line. I know I was. This looks like a great vibe as well.

What Hip Hop Taught Me I love this chic, she is funny and very entertaining. In this video she is talking about some of my faves.


  1. alanna says:

    Holy crap those shoes are adorable.

    I haven’t forgotten! I am just incredibly lazy when it comes to actually doing things on the Internet… Getting myself to post even once a week can be a trial. I have to be prodded into it. Now that I’ve subscribed hopefully I will remember to comment more often!

    Hooray? for divorce! That sounds awful, but you know what I mean. I hope. I don’t have $400 lying around, but I might have some smaller amount that could be helpful, if you want it.
    alanna would like you read..my ego is bare // tmi tuesday #11My Profile

    • BlueKaren says:

      Omg! It gets worse….I have to fork out an extra $200 because I have to post an ad in the newspaper, (he is sort of missing, like I have no idea where he is). I can’t believe how expensive it is!
      Thanks for your comment, it means a lot to me. The thought is enough. I am wishing good karma your way for even considering helping me out.

  2. macho99 says:

    The divorce IS big news. Hope everything goes smoothly and everything else that follows after it. :D

    Hope this week has been better. Oh, and Happy birthday soon! :D
    macho99 would like you read..I know I could have tumbled this insteadMy Profile

  3. Silverdrop says:

    I couldn’t handle TPE either. It sometimes makes me a little queasy when I see women (why is it always women???) talking about their “Masters”. That’s my gut reaction, while my intellectual one is that it’s a choice they made and it works for them and if it makes them happy, then good for them. But being dominated during sex? Yes please!
    Silverdrop would like you read..UK Naughty Giveaway Roundup: Week of May 7, 2012My Profile

    • Silverdrop says:

      I should add that I’m into things that probably make other people queasy. Like humiliation play. I absolutely love it, while I know other people would see that no different than the TPE as far as female disempowerment. (Is that a word? Well, whatever.) But if it makes ME hot and bothered and it’s MY choice to be called a filthy whore during sex, then I see it as simply claiming my own sexuality. As the women who are into TPE do.
      Silverdrop would like you read..UK Naughty Giveaway Roundup: Week of May 7, 2012My Profile

      • BlueKaren says:

        I think as long as it is consensual then it’s all good. TPE doesn’t make me queasy, it makes me jealous. I have thought about what it would be like, but I would end up rebelling right away. The idea is sexy.
        Sexually at this point nothing turns me on more than a man (or woman) who takes control in the bedroom. I just wanna please and be used…

  4. Jamie Martin says:

    I’m sorry that you have had a really long, never ending month. How did your weekend go?!

  5. Beanfiddler says:

    So sorry your work schedule is crap right now. Hope it changes for the better soon. Congrats on the divorce and good luck finding the money. The expense does suck. I think the CNN article is definitely an indication of mainstreaming kink, which is a truly great thing. Thanks for the shout out!
    Beanfiddler would like you read..bSwish bWarm #MassageCandle on #SALE @pinkcherrytoys!My Profile

    • BlueKaren says:

      I am pretty excited when CNN is talking sex toys, this is a good sign. I am a big fan of your reviews, you always give an un-biased opinion without tearing a product apart. Thanks for the comment!

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