Jopen Vanity Vr6.5

Vanity has released some new additions to their Vanity line, the Point Five Generation. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Vanity 6.5 to review and I very pleased with it’s performance!

Materials: Silicone

Dimensions: 6.5″ x 1.5″, 4.5″ insertable (clitoral arm is 3.5″)

I was really elated to review this product. The Vanity 6.5 is a dual motor rabbit style vibrator. Rechargeable, quiet and waterproof have become a standard in my toy collection. This toy has all three and it feels incredible. The shape of this toy is genius. I have noticed a lot of newer toys using this whimsical curvy design. Isn’t it pretty? I like the design and I have come to appreciate it’s curves. The narrow tip allows for easy insertion. The large circumference in the middle allow this toy to give me a “full” feeling and I love that it gets small again. Thrusting a toy like this feels great on the vaginal walls. The bulb at the end makes this toy easy to handle and thrust.

The clitoral arm of this “rabbit” is very flexible. It has a bit of spring back but it is not as strong as some other rabbits. I found applying more pressure helped a lot. I don’t mind applying manual pressure but for those of you who take a more hands off approach, please keep this in mind. I like a lot of pressure but I like to be in control of that pressure, too. This toy didn’t work on my g-spot despite the curve. I need something more narrow and curved to hit my g-spot. The clitoral arm was a bit tricky for me to master with thrusting, since it will flop back to laying right next to the shaft. Once I figured out how far I could go without this happening, it was just on with this toy. The deep rumbly vibrations paired with the curvy design make this toy one of my new favorites!

The motors for this vibe have no patterns, they offer many levels of intensity. The buttons are located on the bulbous end for this toy and they can be used independently. I really enjoy this option since I don’t necessarily want the same level of vibrations on my clit and in my vagina at the same time. On the other hand, the amount of silicone on the shaft of this vibe makes achieving the same amount of vibrations almost impossible. This vibe is very versatile in that it will fit most woman, no matter what your vaginal to clitoral length is. The shape of the clitoral arm allowed for diffuse or direct clitoral pressure. The vibrations turn on with just one click and a red light goes on under the button, holding the button down while it blinks under your finger you can stop when ever you want or hold the button down until the light gets steady to get to the highest speed of vibrations. To turn it off, just click it one more time. The Vanity 6.5 also has a locking feature so it won’t turn on with just a touch. To lock it just hold down both the buttons at the same time until the light shuts off, to unlock hold the buttons down again until they turn on.

The silicone on this has a bit of drag, which means it will pick up hair and lint. I found rinsing this toy before use is necessary. I used a small amount of water-based lubrication and it goes a long way. Silicone is a premium material in that it does not absorb bacteria or leave anything behind. It is easy to clean and care for too. I use a spray on sex toy cleaner but this toy can also be cleaned with soap and water. The charging port on this toy is behind the buttons. The charger is a long stem but it is pretty to insert. The instructions say the full charge on this toy takes 4 hours. There is a red light above the charging port that lights up when it is charging, it goes out when the toy reaches it’s full charge. The vibrations on this toy were definitely rumbly. The noise level of this toy is very quiet. I don’t think this toy will be heard through covers across the room. This toy is completely waterproof making it ideal for water play.

The packaging for the Vanity Vr6.5 is a standard paper box with a paper cut-out holding the toy in place for display and shipping. All the Vanity toys come with an extra large black satin pouch. the pouch is plenty big to hold the toy, the charger and even a little something extra.










The packaging for the Vanity Vr6.5 also includes an insert showing all of the toys from the Vanity line with a small blurb about them. All of the Jopen toys comes with a 1 year warranty plus an optional 10 year guarantee. You need to sign up for the 10 year guarantee, but it is nice to know they stand behind their products. Details about the warranty can be found here.The Vanity Vr6.5 retails for $141.99. I think the price is kind of high. It isn’t really if you compare it to other luxury toy price points, and keep in mind that it does come with a warranty.

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I was supplied this toy free of charge from Jopen in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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  9. Silverdrop says:

    I’ve never had a rabbit style vibe that really worked for me, but the shape of this one I find very intriguing. I’d really hate to spend that much money and find out it wasn’t right for me though.
    Silverdrop would like you read..UK Naughty #Giveaway Roundup: Week of May 14My Profile

  10. TheSinDoll says:

    My vagina is jealous. I’ve never tried anything in the Jopen line, but I’m planning on it. Great review!
    TheSinDoll would like you read..He Doesn’t KnowMy Profile

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