Weekend Mission

I woke up around nine today. Although I was asleep by two am last night, it was not enough. I can’t seem to get enough sleep in my diet these days. This weekend was all fucked up. I ended up working a twelve hour shift on Saturday. I was kinda tired when we went out last night. (I know I sound old, but I don’t care right now.) Plus it was like day one of my period. Day one sucks. I can almost forget about the inconvenience of having a period the rest of the time, but not day one. It is the heavy sucky day. I use instead cups, so it is never messy. But it is sensitive. Day one just sucks. So we did go out to the club, but didn’t party for very long. Anyways, I woke up and immediately knew the mission for the day would be to try to get a new bed. We spent half of my only day off this weekend on this mission.

My original and awesome plan of going to the beach every Sunday so I can get a fracking tan this year wasn’t feasible due to inclement weather.

Btw, we have went for three weeks straight to the beach. Every Sunday. We spend at least 2 hours there, I am in the sun the whole time. I have a huge towel that I lay out. I put on my smallest bikini. I make sure the most skin possible is visible to the sun. I present my stark pale body to the sun for punishment. I only put sun screen on my face and I lay out the whole time. I rarely get in the water. I still manage not to have any semblance of a tan. Meanwhile my kids and Miguel, who aren’t even trying, are getting darker and darker.

Yup, that’s fair.

Our bed is only three years old. I love my 600 thread count sheets and how Miguel looks sleeping on in and his brand new memory foam pillow. We live on our bed sometimes. It is a couch, table, sleeping space, dining room table and playmat. But the bed itself, well, it has already overstayed it’s welcome. I hate it and it gives me back aches. We loaded up all the kids and went to bed shopping. I thought it might be fun to look at stuff we can’t afford with my oldest kids, I want to give them ideas of what a house could look like. I want to get ideas about what kind of stuff they like for when we do have money to buy. This is all done while corralling my babies into not breaking shit. It is not a good thing to make older kids corral younger kids, but it is the only way I get to see anything.

Why do I keep doing this? I take a perfectly perfect weekend day and then try to cram impossible missions into them. The super news? I found a really great bed. Also, Miguel educated me on what the perfect “man drawer” looks like. (In case you are wondering, it is a full length drawer that goes all the way across the dresser, so you can see everything at once). The sucky news? American fucking Signature thinks I may be a credit risk because we bought a car and moved last month, so I get no new bed. At least not at this time. Oh and that was another hit to my credit. I fucking hate credit.

Fuck! Mission impossible instead of mission accomplished.

Next week I am going to try to try for a mission-less weekend.

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