Curvy Girls -Book Review

This book is a collection of erotica with bigger girls. This book has 19 different stories by various erotica authors. It is edited and co-authored by Rachel Kramer Busssel and includes a forward by April Flores. All of the characters have curves and “a little extra padding” I think there was a need for an erotica book like this. I hate that these are not the sort of characters you see in every book. I could love some of these women and see the allure of the bigger girl.

I am happy to report that almost every story was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think I would be able to relate to most of this book. I may have a little extra, but I am not a curvy girl. I loved In the Early Morning Light by Kristina Wright. This story, about a new Mom with a new body full of extra padding, is something that struck so close to home.

One theme I noticed was that two of the stories were about women who had quit smoking and put a bit of extra pounds on since then. Albeit these stories were completely different, I could enjoy them both. Champagne and Cheesecake by A.M.Hartnett is about a woman who has a reunion with two men. She celebrates her “victory tits” and voluptuousness with two former playmates in a very sexy scene. While Decadence by Satia Welch was about a woman treating herself to a little food indulgence after quitting smoking. Both of the woman oozed confidence and relished in their bodies.

My favorite erotic story was Before the Autumn Queen by Angela Caperton. This erotic story about a painting in a museum was very well written. I wanted it to go on and find out how what happens after the show where the museum working and the painting’s sexy fan hook-up. This is an author I have never heard of, but she wrote so exquisitely about being beautiful I am now scoring the internet for more of her work. This is why collections by various authors are awesome.

Although I think this book set out to break a stereotype, some of the stories were full of bad characters. The story Runners Calves by Sommer Marsden did a poor job of trying to represent the bigger girl. I think most bigger girls are not runners. The main character made too many excuses for the body she was suppose to be loving and was eventually lavished upon. The low self esteem of this character was just a damned shame.

Passing the Time by Gwen Masters was another story that I think derailed from the main message of the book. This girl was stood up and she even suspected her boyfriend was cheating. I could relate to this girl, but it did not make me feel good.

I recommend this book even for those whose major turn on is not a Curvy Girl. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself and my kink in its pages, I think you will too. I loved the few stories about woman loving woman, they did a good job of not apologizing for their sexiness. This book is published by Seal Press and can be purchased for $17.00. It is also available on Amazon for $11.49.


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