Friday Night at the Club

Eyz Wide Shut

So we went out on Friday night to Eyz Wide Shut and we went as a soft swap couple. We drank and danced and had a great time. Fridays at the club are sort of hit or miss and the club was not packed with people we knew. I gave the DJ my preference for songs and hit the dance floor. Sad to say that most of the club had voyeurs and not too many people were bold enough to dance. I didn’t really care if I was the only one out there at times. I love to dance. After a few really good songs a sexy chic in a black dress came out and danced with me for a bit. She danced close and we kissed a few times. Miguel did what he does best and went over to talk to the guy. This couple was very sexy. I think this was really fate, they were soft swap only as well.

This couple was alot of fun. They sat and chatted with us for quite a while. We did go outside with them a few times. She bummed a cigarette and we talked about quitting and how sometimes it just sucks. I am still vaping, but I must admit that I bummed a cigarette too. I just needed a reminder, cigarette smoking is part of this routine I have at the club. Hopefully not anymore. The cigarette tasted awful honestly. I don’t think I will have another.

Eventually, we finished our drinks and headed over to the lodging side together. We ended up in a private room, just the four of us. Some how we have never been in this room. I swear I thought we had been in every room. Anyways, it was a small room with two beds side by side and lots of well placed mirrors. We got in the room and all took our clothes off. She started out by sucking her man’s cock, and I sucked Miguel off. She had an amazing body. This girl was pretty amazing. She was so sexy and sensual.

We had some great girl/girl play. She licked and sucked my pussy so well. She had a neutral taste and I enjoyed playing with her and eating her pussy as well. I could have swore that they said they were “newbies” but she had no shyness about her. She explored every bit of my pussy with her tongue and then she went back to fuck her man. Miguel ate out my pussy while she kissed me and played with my tits. There was alot of touching and stroking while we all had sex. She even ate me out while her man fucked her from behind, Miguel had a nice view of that. Miguel fucked me so good. I got on top of Miguel at one point and I was going to use a toy on my clit. It ended up that the toy was completely dead. How the fuck? Oh well! I was so mad about the toy that I threw it across the room. (I didn’t break it, thankfully) I got off plenty when Miguel used his finger to rub my clit while he fucked me. I reached over and rubbed hers while her man fucked her. I think her man ended up coming on her beautiful tits, but the details of that are a bit foggy. We both came home exhausted and I fell right to sleep. I know we all had a great time.


  1. Aww, Mrs. AP had been planning to go and other life events intervened. It was going to be our second visit, and our first Friday (the first was a Thursday, and was lacking in quality choices.)

    Any advice for a couple who’s schedule can only let them get to EWS on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday nights? We’re planning on going to Corset Night this Friday, but we’re not certain of the place still yet. So far it’s been… unimpressive. Any guidance would be welcome! Thanks!

    • BlueKaren says:

      I recommend Friday nights over other weeknights. It is usually hit or miss, though. I suggest you look on SLS and see how many people are signed up to go. Sometimes that is a good indicator, of course… if the event is hosted by SDC it might not be accurate. Saturday is the best night to go, once you see a good at EWS Saturday there you will know exactly what I mean! Damn I suggested corset night, maybe we should go too. I gets expensive for us to go both days, but we need the stress relief!

      • Sadly Saturdays just do not work with our schedule, as I work an overnight shift Saturday through Tuesday.

        As of this writing you and Miguel and Mrs. AP and I have the only two profiles signed up for the evening. Hopefully more will sign up. We’d particularly like to see some hot late 20s to mid 30s single men there. If we don’t we may be sticking to SLS and Craigslist when we want to scratch that itch.

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