Mind Vomitous


I set some new goals for my immediate future:

  • Fuck a stranger.
  • Find a place to move.
  • Work on my tan.
  • Get to the gym more.
  • Add more to my small tattoo.

That’s enough really. I can see that some of my goals are conflicting, don’t worry I am a Gemini. These are obviously not all going to get done this week, just on my list at the moment and I need to get them done in the next month or so. I haven’t had any tattoo work done here, I am a bit nervous about finding the right place to get it done. I did make it to the gym this week. Ugh, my schedule….(bitch- moan- complain-)

There are 56 people signed up to go to Eyz Wide Shut tonight. There is going to be so much strange ass in that place tonight I might actually get me some and achieve one goal this weekend. I don’t think this goal is crazy or set too high, we are swingers after all. I have a brand new corset to wear for review, I can hardly wait to slip it on. What the hell am I going to wear with it? I am sure I will figure something out…

We went apartment hunting today. What a fracking un-fun adventure. I hate moving. I have moved around quite a bit in my lifetime, the rose colored glasses are off. I can tell you just what I am going to hate about living somewhere after about 10 mins of seeing the place. I am not even as picky as Miguel and my babysitter or my kids. The horror of trying to please this mob may be the death of me, or at least the death of my good mood. There is somethings that are exciting about moving to a new place, but the novelty wears off fast when I remember how much fun packing is. This move will hopefully just be temporary, but that is all the more reason to dread it! Ugh! Putting me in a foul mood, I think I need a drink to snap out of it!

We went out to Eyz Wide Shut last night. Friday is a great night if you want a smaller crowd. We had a good time (me bent over on some sex furniture getting it from behind in a room full of strangers!), even though we didn’t hook-up with anyone. Hopefully tonight we will! Anyways, I got a few new interesting looking toys to try out in the mail this week. If only one of my goals was to fuck a strange new toy. Enough with this crap! Right now I gotta go get ready for tonight.

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