Sneaky Sack Review

I found this really cool place to put my toys, it’s a Sneaky Sack and it’s made by the genius at Holistic Wisdom!

Here’s how it works: Dimensions:

  • Exterior- 17.5″ Height x 13.5″ Width
  • Main Compartment- 17.25″ Height x 12.5″ Width
  • Back Pocket- 13″ Height x 12.25″ Width
  • Front Pocket- 12″ Height x 12″ Width
  • Straps- 4″ Length x 1.5″ Width

Materials: Nylon (Grape Colored Sack) or Lustra and SOFlux (Black Colored Sack)

♦Lustra is a cotton blend (outside)and SOFlux(inside) is a waterproof, breathable, fluid-proof cleanable fabric that won’t crack like other vinyl products.

The Sneaky Sack has three different compartments. The cool thing about this sack, is well…everything! It is large enough to hold toys like Hitachi with no problems. It is detailed enough for me to keep small items like condoms without loosing them at the bottom of a drawer. This bag can hold almost anything keeping your most secret stuff secretly stashed away. I put a few movies it in, and some bondage stuff that is not so discreet (like metal handcuffs). The Sneaky Sack is also a perfect place to hide your jewelry or money. It holds a ton of stuff and is not even detectable under a jacket. Oh and you can lock it if you need to. You can use a small deterrant type of lock on the zippers, since there are two, (lock is not included, thou).

As a chic with way too many toys I love the idea of the sneaky sack! You can keep your stuff away from prying eyes and locking it will act as a deterrent for anyone that actually does find it! I tried to get some pics showing what the Sneaky Sack can hold using some of my toys. Ideally you could use the Sneaky Sack to separate your silicone from TPE or other materials that don’t play so well together…

Just some random toys...

A peek inside.









I am not good at the picture thing, I was trying to give you an idea of how sneaky it could be.


I am giving this bag 5 stars! It is very durable, waterproof and easy to clean. It holds more than I would have imagined. I could have put much more in this sack, but my hanger was already bending. ***The good folks at Holistic Wisdom suggested using a wooden hanger for hiding heavy toys.

The Sneaky Sack is available at Holistic Wisdom in grape nylon for only $29.95 or in black with Lustra and SOFlux for $38.95.

I received this product from Holistic Wisdom free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. Miranda W says:

    What a fantastic idea! So much better than the purse I have things in now.

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  5. alanna says:

    HOW HAS THIS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE??? I think I want this more than I want more toys!

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