That’s Not Pretty

I woke up around 9 today. We were out until after 2 am so I guess it’s no wonder really. I think I have been drinking too much lately. I have started taking shots of vodka after we get to the club along with all the beer and that has complicated everything for me. I am not exactly a nice person when I get too drunk. I feel great because the social filter comes off and my anxiety is completely gone. The next day I wake up feeling guilty or mad because last night some crazy took over. I tried expressing this to Miguel, but he didn’t understand. He bought me a shot anyways. I drank it and well, I probably shouldn’t have. Fucking hindsight is always 20/20!

I dance a bit more when I mix my liquor. I don’t seem to care if I look silly or drunk and I think dancing maybe the only thing that keeps people from realizing just exactly how drunk I really am. I am not talking enough for people to hear me slurring my words or losing track of the conversation. I managed to make it through the game last night and I genuinely had a great time, and then we went over to the lodging.

We met with a couple we had been dancing with all night. They were already naked and we joint them, shedding our clothes. I got my Life vibe out and went to work on her clit. She squirted right away with that vibe on her clit. Then she went to work on me. She had me lay back and she started licking, sucking, smacking, and rubbing my clit. I was writhing on the couch and Miguel came around and put his cock in my mouth. It went like this for a while and then she would come up and we would both be sucking his cock, until he pulled away panting and trying to keep from cuming. She was close to brutal with her manipulations on my most sensitive spot. I loved it and I wanted her to stop. She alternated between pleasure and pain until Miguel sheathed his cock in a condom and started fucking her from behind. She worked her way over to her man and sucked his cock while Miguel fucked her. She was reaching out to me, but I deflected and told her that I liked to watch. It’s true that one of my favorite things is watching Miguel fuck somebody else. I go back and forth between lust and jealousy. I know this girl, and I trust Miguel so it was really not an issue. If it had been anyone else, it might have been a bad night. I had just the right chemistry mix of alcohol to turn a sexy time into a nightmare. I need to stop mixing alcohol, and drink less on play nights, that is all. Eventually I did get Miguel and the Life, which gave me a good orgasm. I rode his cock for a short time before…well, I don’t really remember why we stopped. I just know that I was a bit upset that Miguel didn’t even cum last night.

I feel bad now thinking about how her man didn’t get as much attention as he should have. I almost had tunnel vision the whole time. Work schedules, kids and lack of good sleep has kept us from fucking at home like we used to. When we do have sex lately it is incredible, but not happening often enough. Not enough at all! The thing that is different lately, we used to go to the lodging once or twice just the two of us then we would find someone to play. We haven’t been doing that at all lately, and so my focus is on getting from Miguel what I am missing at home.

Now that everything is sort of falling into place with the new job and we got the car situation sorted out. We need to get back to having sex more often. I know some people think that is what happens in a long term relationship, the sex starts to drop off. I don’t want that for us. I deal in sex too much on a daily basis to not be getting it enough. Plus Miguel is such a great fuck, it is a shame to not make him put his skills to work. I know some of you might say a sex toy could take care of that, but no…no no no! It is not even close. I did some math and we are only having sex 30% of the time. Those stats suck! Since we have this whole commitment thing, and we are committed to swinging as well. I demand more sex! I have to have it, now let’s just see if I get it…I know I should be embarrassed to admit all of this here, but in reality secrets keep me feeling bad. So I will air out all my laundry here in the hopes that you guys will keep me honest. Honesty may be the last solitary virtue I have.

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