Jopen Intensity Review

The Jopen Intensity is a sex toy like no other. It was originally designed to help women with kegel exercises. This toy vibrates, inflates, and gives muscle stimulating electric stimulation.

Dimensions: 12″ x 1.5″ (the shaft gets bigger if you inflate it) 4.5″ insertable with a 2″ clitoral arm

Materials: Silicone

Let me start by saying this is a large toy. I was almost shocked when I took it out of the box. It weighs over 1lb. It does more than most toys so a bit of weigh is expected. The first thing I noticed was it’s bland exterior. It looks like a prototype or something. The Intensity takes 4 AAA batteries. (I know some sites claim it is rechargeable, it is definitely not.) Making this toy battery powered was something Jopen decided in order to cut costs. The good news is that it seems to be very good on battery life, I have not noticed a decrease in strength since I put the first set of batteries in.

I was eager to familiarize myself with the controls on the control panel. It has 5 buttons: a dedicated on/off button, two buttons to control the vibrations and two buttons to control the electrode stimulation. On the bottom, or butt, of the Intensity it has a soft spot that you can pump to inflate the shaft. The back also has a black deflate button, that lets all the air out. This toy is pretty easy to figure out how to use. How you want to use it is totally up to you. Since it is primarily silicone I used a water-based lubricant all over the shaft, inserted it, then inflated it. The package comes with 2 oz. of electrode gel, this will need to be applied to both sides every single time you use the electrode stimulation.









So once I figured out the controls, I was eager to put this toy to use. Being that the Intensity is a bit intimidating, I was very careful to read all of the instructions. Jopen has included a booklet full of information with the Intensity. The instructions say to use water-based lubrication on the shaft, electrode gel on the metal electrode pads, and to inflate it after it is inserted. I will admit that the controls were very easy to access even after it was inserted, so the size of this toy is justified.

I started off with the vibrations. The clitoral shaft on this toy is quite long and flexible with two flexible “ears”. The shaft features a bump which also vibrates and works well to stimulate the pelvic muscles. The vibrations have 5 modes, go from about a 2-4 vroom and are fairly buzzy. This toy is not quiet and discreet, but a bit of backround noise will keep it from being heard through a closed door. The electrodes stimulate very well, I was able to feel them on their lowest setting. They omit no noise at all. My body responded right away and I could feel my muscles tightening up.

The problem I had with this product, and I might be totally unique in my experience, was that I automatically “tighten-up” my pelvic muscles with any stimulation. I noticed the electrodes at first, then I turned the vibrations on and forgot about the electrodes for a minute. I stopped feeling the electrodes working. I had to relax my muscles in order to feel it again. As you can imagine, this was a complete distraction and I was unable to orgasm with this product. I have to admit that I have not used all the levels of stimulation yet. There are 10 levels and I have only worked myself up to 6 of them. I should mention here that others that have tried this product have reported multiple orgasms from it. I do find it very easy to exercise my kegels with this product, and it is very pleasurable even without the electrodes. I am still benefiting from using the Intensity, just not the way some women do.

To clean the Intensity, do not immerse this in water. It is not waterproof. I use a sex toy cleaner spray, but you can you a 10% bleach solution mixed with water and wipe it down. The packaging for the Intensity was a paper box covering a very discreet dark purple box. It has a black foam cut out with a space for the Intensity, the electrode gel and the instructions. The cut out left black lint all over the silicone of the Intensity, so I took it out. The box serves as a very discreet way to store the Intensity.



Some of you may remember that I did an Intro to the Intensity post a few months ago. The post includes the details of their giveaway of the Intensity when you become a Jopen Insider, the contest is still running. I was very excited about this product and I am still am now that I have one. I was very elated that Jopen send me this product for review.

The retail of this product is $249.99. This product can be purchased at FunWares for $199.95. FunWares is an online toy store that I trust with fast and discreet shipping.

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product from Jopen free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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  10. BlueKaren says:

    I was very surprised when i got the e-mail telling me it was being shipped. I hope you get one soon!

  11. Omg you got one for review. I am so freaking jealous. I want one of these so bad. As someone who is a lazy bitch about kegels this is a toy I’m really after, I’m saving up for it now so I hope soon it shall be mine.

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