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Eyz Wide Shut

Last night at Eyz Wide Shut a really cool thing happened, two people whom I have never met came up to me and said they read my blog. The world is smaller than I think. I always imagine I write this blog and I have a few readers, but they are probably too far away for me to ever meet. It is a really cool thing, to be spotted by someone that appreciates all the hard work that goes into this little sliver of the world wide web. This blog has become a very needy child in my life. I love it and labor over its behavior. I check my stats daily and approve of it comments and links. Does it influence people? Is it easy to relate to it’s content? I hope the answer is always yes.

Last night was the Valentine’s Party at Eyz Wide Shut. They had a Mr. & Mrs. Eyz Wide Shut competition and the winners got free membership for a year. This game was originally suppose to take place on Friday so I thought I missed it. I really wanted to play, but Miguel said “No Mas” to playing games. I was outside when it started and didn’t get to participate. The winner were some nice people anyways and I hope free membership will encourage them to come out more often. Why they need a monthly membership to a club that doesn’t keep track of it’s patrons, I will never understand. I am hoping at least with my new employment we will be able to go without finances stopping us. I absolutely need my downtime, and the club has become a very familiar routine to me.

After drinking and dancing, entirely too much for a white girl, we headed over to the lodging side. The place was packed with bodies, even the Hedo Room and Lover’s Lane were pretty full. There just wasn’t a quiet corner for us. All of the rooms were taken, as well. Lucky for us we knew they had another play room and they opened it when we asked. The Western room is where we ended up. I have only glimpsed this room before. It’s so named because of a horse saddle and a very well placed Hitachi wand on a low bench. Miguel suggested that I use that Hitachi with my panties on to start with. I hiked up my dress and went for a ride on the saddle.

I hate to admit this, but I do not own a Hitachi. I have played with one before, and I do reference it’s strength of vibrations quite a lot. The Hitachi is the staple of woman’s wands, nothing else really comes close to being as recognizable. Initially intended for deep tissue massage at home, it quickly became popular as a sex toy. Before I started reviewing sex toys, a Unicorn came over and brought her Hitachi with her to play. I orgasmed in less than one minute with it. I have lusted after one ever since. This toy is loud and very large. If you look at bondage pics you will eventually run into a picture of a woman tied up and a Hitachi bound to her. This is a common bondage, forced orgasms by Hitachi. I tried to trade for one on a popular toy swap site, but the box came to me open and empty. I was sorely disappointed. Then, I actually won one in a contest, but the toy store was out of stock and so I have to wait again. I will eventually have one of my very own, I can hardly wait!

After riding on the saddle for only a few minutes I came and I was really for a good fuck. Miguel was so patient waiting for me I thought I would reward him by sucking his cock. I am all about sucking his cock lately and I didn’t mind at all to help him get nice and stiff for me. He had me lay back after a few minutes and he fucked me really good missionary style. The wets sounds of his cock pumping my pussy filled the room. He fucked me until he was exhausted. Furiously fast, and then slowing down to keep from cuming. He laid down next to me and I got on top to finish him off. The mirrors in this room were perfectly laid out so I could see his cock going into me when I looked back. This sent me right over the edge of ecstasy and I rode him even harder. He grabbed my throat as he came into me. We were both completely spend after this.

The allure of going there hasn’t worn off. We both need a night out and have made many friends at Eyz. For us it is a place where we can get away and meet other swingers. Being able to have sex and get loud, or have other people join in or watch is an added perk. Some nights we have an audience, some nights we are the audience. I find my kink is fulfilled in this lifestyle. I met some other toy lovers at the club and tried to share what I have learned in the past year reviewing sex toys with them. One of the new couples we met were happy to tell me about their new Lelo Liv and what it had added to their sex life. I made a few suggestions and congratulated them on purchasing good quality sex toys. Another single guy I met was really excited to tell me about a finger vibe he loves to share with his lovers. I took the opportunity to try to educate him about safe materials. To him I probably seemed a sex toy snob. At least he seemed willing to listen. I dropped names like Tantus, Leaf, We-Vibe and Lelo and mentioned a few sex toy sites I trust. My swingers friends call me the sex toy queen. I love it. Next weekend we can’t go out at all. Our babysitter is leaving for the weekend. I guess we will have to find other ways to amuse ourselves, I am sure it won’t be difficult.


  1. Red Glitter Girl says:

    I’m glad I could enhance your feelings about your blog. I love your sex toy reviews because they help me recommend toys for my friends.

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