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The book Lust, edited by Violet Blue, covers a wide variety of fantasy stories. This erotic book of only 180 pages went from 0 to extremely sexy in no time and really pushed my buttons. I didn’t relate to every story but I enjoyed a peek at someone else’s lust. I loved the variety of types of lust found within it’s pages.

This book is a compilation of 17 erotic authors. It is edited by Violet Blue and published by Cleis Press. Violet Blue writes the Introduction and temps us with her words. ” When lust overcomes you, you barely know who you are or what you are doing. Each of the women in the following selections knows that feeling, and the skilled authors represented here –both new and well known–faithfully capture that feeling in each woman’s passage from ordinary to extraordinary sexual hunger.” The stories and authors include:

  • Golden Hand by K.L. Gillespie
  • Ripe Fruit by Bonnie Dee
  • Sixth Sense by Teresa Noelle Roberts
  • Tied to the Kitchen Sink by Kay Jaybee
  • The Butch, the Boy and Me by Andrea Zanin
  • The Hall of Justice by Sloane Square
  • The Importance of Good Networking by Saskia Walker
  • Coffee Shop Boy by A.D.R. Forte
  • American Bottom in Limousin by Geneva King
  • Pleasant Surprise by Maria Grigoriadis
  • Moving by Susan St.Aubin
  • Out of the Shower by Maria Matthews
  • Love Triangle by B.J. Franklin
  • Het Cats by Jean Roberta
  • Kidnapped by Debra Hyde
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed by Kristina Wright
  • Tubing the Brule Reen Guierre

Ripe Fruit was a steamy story about a woman working a fruit stand in the heat of summer. It is all flies and scorching heat until the star of a film being shot locally comes calling. This sex gets sticky when he finds creative ways to use the fruit.

The Importance of Good Networking tells us the tale of an office girl who lusts after the new computer guy her company hires. Things get really interesting when she puts him to work on her in a cubicle. This story brings up the importance of going after what you want even if he is not what everyone else finds attractive.

Moving was a very interesting story of a woman who finally reaches retirement and is taking her daily walk/run when she discovers her lust is on her route. This story was set at such a relaxing pace, I was almost envious of the smooth transitions in the relationship. This story includes some older players but it just goes to show that lust never dies, it only waits for the opportunity to present itself again.

One of my favorites, I have a few actually, was Love Triangle. The story of a woman lusting for a man who is lusting for her and carrying on a relationship with another man. I don’t think this is so much an acquired taste in lust as it is every woman’s secret fantasy…to see two guys together. It ends up bieing the perfect love triangle as all the players in this story get what they really desire.

The intro from the editor and the subtitle led me to believe that this book would feature women’s fantasies. There is one story that featured a man’s fantasy, I don’t know how that slipped anyone’s attention. Tied to the Kitchen Sink was about a guy who came home to find a woman tied to his sink. This woman was a gift from a good friend. It is a well written story but I think being that it was written about his lust, it was in the wrong book.

That may be my only “complaint” about this book. Sometimes I wish there were more sex details, but I must remember that not every woman appreciates good smut like I do. This book included some very good reads. It included bi-sexual, gay and hetero-sexual fantasies for women (and one man). I enjoyed this book immensely, and I would recommend it. This book is available at Good Vibrations for $14.95. Check out their large selection of sex toys for women while you are there!

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