Leaf Fresh

The Fresh is a toy by Leaf. Inspired by nature it is eco-friendly. Made with the power of a lithium polymer battery and encased in body safe silicone. This vibe is one of 6 that Swan Vibes has produced. These may be the best clitoral vibes on the market today. Yes, I just said that. I love the Leaf vibes and the Fresh is a shining example of what a clitoral vibe should be.

Materials: Silicone

Dimensions: 2.8″ x 2.3″

Besides the awesome color, the Fresh has smooth feel to it with a slight drag. (Sorry this vibe only comes in green) It is covered with body safe-silicone which is phthalate-free and latex free. It will pick up lint and hair so I recommend washing it before and after using it. The Fresh delivers a steady vibe and delivers strong rumbly vibrations. The Fresh fits perfectly into my hand and is easy to maneuver to just the perfect spot. The size makes it ultra discreet as I can hide this in my hand. The Fresh is also ultra quiet, as loud as a cell phone on vibrate. The Fresh is completely water-proof as well. There is a hole along one of the sides, or more like the bottom, for the charging cord but no water can get into it, even when it is submersed. Cool, quiet, and waterproof!

The Fresh is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. It has both a smooth and a pointy edge for diffuse or pin-point stimulation. It is rechargeable and very easy to use. The Fresh has only one button. Hold it down till you find the strength of steady vibration that suits your fancy. The light under the button blinks until you get to the highest setting, at which point the lights gets steady. Hit the button just once more to turn it off. No patterns on the Fresh, just a steady vibe. I never have much use for patterns with a clitoral vibe anyways. I don’t miss the patterns at all. This vibe goes from still to rumbly madness in about 5 seconds. The one button has a silicone overlay and works at the slightest touch. I have never accidentally hit this during play, the placement of the button is perfect for me and doesn’t get in the way. The button also locks for easy storage, just click it three times fast and it is safe for travel. To unlock, just click it three times really fast again and it is ready to use.

All the Leaf vibes come with a storage pouch, which is cotton weave. It is a brown-ish color with the Leaf name and logo on it. Not 100% discreet but it doesn’t scream sex toy either. The Fresh and the power cord could fit into the storage pouch. Even the power cord for this toy is cool. The cord has the Leaf logo on it! Okay, maybe it is not worth the exclamation point for some people but I have about 30 power cords. They all look pretty much the same. This is really important for Leaf since an accidental plug-in with the wrong cord may ruin you toy. For me it just means I don’t have to do too much guess work. All the Leaf cords are the same size and are interchangeable. Charge this toy for 2 hours and you get 1 hour and 15 mins of play on it’s highest setting.


The Fresh came to me in an eco-friendly looking box. I am not really a tree-hugger but even I could appreciate the packaging. The box closes with a magnet. The Fresh included a booklet in 7 different languages. This product is actually manufactured by BMS International, which is in Canada. If that sounds a bit familiar to you, it may be because BMS makes all the bullets you find in Tantus toys. Everything inside the box was wrapped in plastic, so much for the tree-hugger thing. Maybe they are just tree lovers. I know I am getting there, to tree love that is. All the Leaf vibes are inspired by natural shapes of leaves. I am thinking nature is awesome and the design of this toy is pure genius. The box is big enough to store everything, and even a little something else if you need it to. I keep my Fresh in it’s pouch and in my purse. With this discreet design it is perfect for travel.


All the Leaf vibes come with a one year warranty. This toy is remarkably easy to care for. Wash it with soap and water, a 10% bleach solution or use a sex toy cleaner. The silicone on this toy is only compatible with water-based lubrication. You probably won’t need much lube with this though. The Fresh can be used for a rumbly little massage on any part of the body, but I recommend keeping it external. It is almost too small for anything internal anyways.


A close-up look at the charging hole.

This vibe is so small I really had low expectations for it. I was so delightfully surprised with the amount of vibrations it delivered and the sheer pleasure it brought me. As you can see this vibe will fit very nicely between bodies during intercourse and will not be too much in the way when combined with a dildo or anal toy. It is the perfect size for delivering spot-on stimulation. I love my new Fresh Vibe by Leaf. I highly recommend this vibe for the newbie or the advanced user. It rivals my MiMi by Je Joue in strength and it is just as small and discreet. It is easier to use then the MiMi and just as quiet. Leaf is my new favorite line of toys!

Most stores carry this at almost full retail price, which is a steep $130! I think this toy is worth a lot of money, but why spend full price when you can get it at FunWares for only $73.95! That is over $50 less than the competition! That isn’t a sale price either, the prices are just that much lower than the competition. One of the many reasons I love FunWares and I send my readers to shop there. Plus shipping is always fast and discreet.

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product from FunWares in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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  4. alanna says:

    Thank you! This was really helpful, especially the video. I have been coveting the Leaf clitoral vibes since they came out, but the steep price has kept me from indulging without more information. I haven’t been able to fiddle with one myself. Additionally, I like to support my local store, but they’re selling the Leaf line for $159.95 a vibrator! So knowing that it’s much cheaper a couple of places online is also a small blessing (:

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  9. Sex Fairy says:

    I agree about this line being the best. I LOVE my leaf vibe better than all of the other 970435256 toys that I have. TOTALLY.
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  10. A toy with strong vibrations and low sound. Pretty awesome.
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