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This book is a collection of 19 stories of women obsessed and getting what they desire. This book is for those that understand wanting something beyond rational reasoning. A mind fixated and obsessed can either conquer the obsession or always wonder what that would have been like. These woman do not have to wonder, they get their desires and their stories of love and lust do not disappoint.

This book is 223 pages and is edited and co-authored by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The book includes a Forward by Caridad Pineiro and an Introduction by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The book also includes an About the Authors and an About the Editor sections. Something tells me that Rachel and I have the same taste in erotica, she has consistently picked stories I love to fill her compilation books. The book includes stories by: Donna George Storey, Kayla Perrin, Portia Da Costa, Logan Belle, Justine Elliot, Emerald, Jennifer Peters, Ariel Graham, Belle Andre, Charlotte Stein, Kristina Wright, Barnell Wallace, Andrea Dale Elizabeth Coldwell, K.D. Grace, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Teresa Noelle Roberts, and Louisa Harte.

In trying to describe this book to you, I wanted to define Obsessed as a word, as a verb, how it is abused, and what it means for this book. I think Caridad put it best “In it’s most extreme forms, obsession becomes the master, overtaking heart, mind and soul with no thought of reasoning.” I was woo-ed by these stories. They not only spoke of lust and passion, but of romance as well. This book told stories of women gaining confidence and going after that thing they most desired.

The first story The Silent Treatment, tells of a woman on a silent retreat. She is optimistic about being silent all weekend until she sees the guy who never called her after the first date is there, too. They speak in body language and facial expressions. When the retreat is over(after they have some steamy sex), he admits he should have called her, that he was wrong not to pursue her more. In reality this guy doesn’t really deserve a second chance but she gives him one anyways.

Mephisto Waltz left me feeling romanced, as a girl is swooned by her piano mentor and former teacher. The story tells us that she has been his pupil since age 12. She meets him again as an adult and he tutors her in the ways of passionate music and love. He says to her “Passion is not learnt. It is felt. Take my hand.” I wish my first time read more like this, full of passion and music.

My favorite story was a little piece called Then. The main character is in love with a man, but painfully obsessed with another man. She is honest and tells her lover how she feels. Her honesty is rewarded as her lover sets up a chance for her to have what she desires. The scenes in this story read like some of my own swinging escapades. He is there to watch and the watching turns them both on even more. When she reflects on the love she has for her man and the openness and closeness she feels for him after screwing someone else, I feel like I know exactly what she is talking about.

Of course men are not the only thing women obsess over. Undercover Kink tells a story of a different kind of obsession. A woman obsessed with kinky clothing. She orders a red latex basque. The male salesman is sly in trying to help give her a second opinion of how it looks. This story is hot and has changing room sex and teasing. A very sexy story!

I enjoyed almost every story in this book. All of the stories feature hetero sex, some have spanking and public sex. It was hard for me to put this book down to face my reality. I highly recommend this book for any woman that has enjoys a great sex story…or 19 or them in the same book!

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