Social Media Suckage!

Hey Lovelies! I jumped on the internet this morning and discovered my facebook profile was deleted. Suckage! I created a new facebook page but wouldn’t you know it? All the good names were taken.. You can find me here under Karen Blue. If you have facebook, and wanna add me feel free. I accept almost all friend requests on facebook, and I probably won’t be trying to add anyone anytime soon. Lest I get flagged for being a social media whore or some such shit!

I can’t image why my account was deleted…I didn’t even get a warning. Although my last syndicated blog post was titled A Great Fuck...? Oh well, I don’t care really. Blogger deleted me too, I adapted and overcame that shit as well. If people really have a problem with something, they should have told me themselves. Censorship of the internet sucks!

I understand the reasoning, I have kids. My kids have Facebook profiles even. I guess I am a bit more liberal with information. I pointed my kids to sex positive sites like Scarleteen and talked to them seriously about things to avoid on the net. I can’t be there all the time to control what they are exposed to. My kids know I review adult products, I have given them more information about sex then they probably wanted to know.I appreciate knowing places on the net I can send them that will give them answers.

All I’m saying is…think before you flag something! What are you really trying to avoid? My facebook had one curse word and it got deleted!? Do you really think a child will pick up a bad word from social media, no way man! They learn that smack talk from their peers at school, who probably heard from their parents mouths. You won’t be able to censor the bad stuff out of their lives…just arm them with info. Despite my potty mouth, my kids don’t want to hang around with friends that curse too much. They have told me point blank, they don’t want to hang out with the street rats with potty mouths in my neighborhood. I don’t think for one second it is because I am some awesome influence. I have just kicked the information door open, when they have a question, I give them an honest answer.

Enough, now I am getting off my soap box.

Luckily most of the facebook friends I could think to add again, have been fast to add me again. Thanks to everyone who still supports me!


  1. Trebchelle says:

    Added you back and thanks for the kid info sites….good stuff!

  2. I didn’t know facebook was a prude till I saw that we weren’t friends anymore. Major ass suckage like ass vacuum level of suckage.

  3. Michele says:

    Alan and I just re-friended you :)

    Facebook can be so uptight. They deleted our original profile pic awhile back, and all it had on it was a couple hugging… wearing lingerie & underwear! I guess somebody thought underclothes were offensive. What really made me angry was that we don’t send out friend requests (we just accept them) and we’re careful to only accept peeps who are over 18. And a lot of them have racier profile pictures than that one was. Who knows how long it will be before they shut us all down for posting links to sex toy reviews. No! NOT SEX!!!! (lol)

  4. Miranda says:

    Wow, that really sucks. I’d be pissed if I got deleted without warning. I try pretty hard to avoid things that Facebook could decide on deletion for because Aarron has had his deleted twice, but when the subject matter is sexual you always know it can happen any day.
    Miranda would like you read..Open to it and wanting to make him happyMy Profile

    • BlueKaren says:

      Yup I am pretty pissed, thanks for reading my rant…and adding me as a friend. Honestly you and Aaron were one of the first people I looked for on Facebook. I was spelling your last name wrong though.,, damnit!

  5. wtf? did they even give you a warning first? I recently got scolded for sending a friend request.

    Unfortunately I don’t think that there is anything that compares to the usability of Facebook. Is there a a facebook version similar to e-banned instead of ebay? but we wouldn’t have all the nifty blog sharing buttons.

    lighten up people, if you don’t like it, don’t look. and if you are worried about kids, monitor their computer usage and use a screening tool like watchdog. it’s hilarious, it barks when the kid attempts naughty online usage
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    • BlueKaren says:

      No warning at all! It felt like blogger all over again, except I just made a new page. It sucks to have to try and add everyone as a friend, I had over 500 friends!

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