Couture Collection Pink Inspire


This month California Exotics sent me the Couture Collection Pink Inspire w/attachments. I have loved every item I have reviewed from the Couture Collection and this is no exception. This wand is powerful, quiet, made of body safe materials, and comes with a few different attachments. To that I say yes, Yes, YES!

This wand is powered with a removable plug. It runs on a 100/240 Volt power adapter. That could be important if you live out of the country. The cord for the plug is over 8′ long, so you have plenty of room to maneuver this toy from the outlet. It has a one button control, that gets stronger when you hold down the button. There is a light that blinks when you hold it down and gets steady once you get to the highest setting. This wand is very powerful! Knock my socks off powerful, it could possibly be the strongest vibe I own! The wand turns off very quickly and easily by clicking the button, which could be important if you need to turn it off in a hurry.

The wand has three different attachments. The head is pretty flexible, but not flimsy. It turns and bends with a bit of pressure. The plastic head has a slide lock to secure it on and keep the attachments from falling off. There is the rounded head for everyday massage. It can obviously be used for intimate play as well…external only though. All of the attachments are made of pure silicone. They are easy to clean once you get them off the wand. They can be boiled, cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, cleaned with soap and water or any sex toy cleaner. Silicone is the best material for a flexible sex toy. The rest of the wand is ABS plastic. The body of the wand is not waterproof so use a sex toy wipe or spray cleaner on it.

The Dual Exciter attachment is great for placing the arms around the clitoris. I am sure you can imagine other uses for this attachment like stimulating the nipples. This attachment rocked me!

The Triple Tease attachment is absolutely fantastic for triple stimulation. It is 3.75″ x 4″. I loved how this felt on my vaginal walls. The nub is just large enough to get it in and large enough to stimulate all around. The other arms reached both my clitoris and anal entrance perfectly. This attachment carried the vibrations surprisingly well all the way to it’s tips!

The only thing I can think to complain about is that it didn’t come with a storage pouch. I store this product in the box, which works well enough but is a bit cumbersome in my crowded toy box(es). The box is pretty but not discreet at all. It shows the product through well placed windows, and the box is informative about the features of the product within.

The Silicone tips are only compatible with water-based lubrication. This toy was surprisingly quiet for a wand. We took this toy out a few times when little ears were still awake and I was not worried about it being heard over a little white noise through a closed door. I think this is a high quality wand. It is getting alot of use these days. For massage this vibe is string and feels incredible on back, neck, thighs….just abut anywhere. This wand comes with the standard warnings on a small peice of paper inside the package. Things like: Do not use on any part of the head, Do not use near waterMaximum use should not exceed 5-20 mins (like you will need to use it longer than that?), Do not allow children to use this product, Do not fall asleep when using this product (just you try that one, I dare ya!), and the all encompassing Use common sense with this product.

All California Exotics products come with a warranty. More about that can be found here. The Couture Collection Pink Inspire w/Attachments is available at California exotics website for $104.99. The Couture Collection inspire can be purchase by itself for $91.99 and then the attachments are available separately for $11.99-$15.99.

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product from California Exotics free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. I have this wand, it’s great! The attachments are such a welcome extra! A good, powerful vibrator.
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  15. BlueKaren says:

    I LOVED this wand! I think every girl should have it!

  16. Those attachments look awesome.
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