Hey Jealousy

On Friday we had another date with the couple from Monday night. They were excellent hosts and put us right at ease in their home. Drinks, laughs, ……oh and orgasms!

We haven’t had a full swap like this is so many weeks I almost forgot how to act. They had this¬† “L” shaped leather(?) couch and I couldn’t get warm. We went outside a few times, so I could have a smoke. It took a few hours to get to the point of comfortably. We were all drinking and story telling. It was fun getting to know this couple.

The guy brought a fuzzy blanket out to put over me. There was like, an awkward moment when I looked over and saw Miguel and the girl kissing and groping each other I thought…”I had better be the one to initiate this.” Then I leaned over to kiss the guy. It was a bit weird for me. This couple was really into kissing. The kisses were nice and the guy knew how to touch me to turn me on. I shed my clothes and he did too. I gave him head and he licked my pussy. Miguel and the woman were actually a bit of a distraction getting really rowdy next to us on the couch. The guy came after only a few minutes while we fucked missionary style and then he went to working one of my bullet toys on me. I came so many times listening and watching Miguel and her fuck on the couch next to me. Miguel reached up a few times while he was fucking her and pulled my hair, which sent me into orgasm. I came so much I felt shaky. I am sure it was entertaining to watch me writhe on the couch, but I had to tell him to stop.

Miguel and her were all over the couch fucking. She had a nice tan body body to match her golden hair. He did her missionary, then she got on top, and finally he fucked her doggy style. Miguel gets this sexy look on his face when he fucks. I actually felt jealous. I wanted to be her, getting fucked so good. She was very vocal as well. It was really hot watching them. Miguel ran out of steam after about an hour and they quit. I don’t think he actually came. It was so late when we left to head home. I was totally spent, all out of juice from cuming so much.

We chatted for a few minutes on the drive home, about the hook-up and then I passed out. It seems that we have yet to find a couple that really fulfilled both of us in the same night. Looking back, one of us has always had a better time than the other. Eventually, I am sure the stars will align and we will, all 4 of us, have a fantasic fuck on the same night. It is not impossible, it just seems that lately one of us always has more fun than the other.

The night was not a totally loss for me. I did have multiple orgasms, I just prefer them with cock instead of toys. The next day I could not stop thinking about Miguel fucking that girl. I saw it all day in my head, her long blond hair hanging down over her naked back as she rode his cock. How hot it looked and the sexy sounds she made. It made me so wet to think about.

I was sure to tell Miguel the next day about my jealousy and he took care of my lust all weekend. Sometimes I think the best sex we have is with each other.


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  3. BlueKaren says:

    It all balances out in the end. I think I was jealous, not envious. I had the lowering of self-esteem and rising of insecurities for a day or so. I tell it here like it was envy, but I recognize what it was. Thanks for the comment!

  4. nlikes says:

    Yes! But that’s the nature of full swap, no? The chances of four-way parity are close to zero. We haven’t yet had an equally satisfying evening (or afternoon – heh heh). But we have had a lot of equally satisfying months, in which it all balanced out. That’s mostly what we aim for. And one thought: were you really jealous? Or were you actually envious?

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