Last Night of the Year!

Eyz Wide Shut was packed with sexy players. On Thursday when we went, it was a smallish crowd. I don’t mind a small crowd when they are as much fun as the one they had on Thursday! I got to mingle and talk to almost everyone. At one point we had a 13 person sandwich on the dance floor. Everyone dancing just joined in and picked a side. Surprisingly, or maybe not, Miguel and I were in the middle. Two sexy couples joined in behind us, followed quickly by everyone else. At some point, Miguel yelled out for us all to turn around, so everyone got a different person to dance with. Or sandwich with, as it were. I looked in the mirror to see everyone had joined in. It was so much fun. Only swingers play like that I swear we have the best times!

Last night, Friday, got packed. We went next door to play and then everyone did! Or so it seems. I found myself on the bench again, but this time the room was packed with people coming and going. It started with just us in the room. Then there was a foursome that watched and played and made comments. The comments were very distracting. Then all of a sudden, the room was full. We were at the end of one room and the beginning of another. I had a hard time focusing on the pain. It was such a different experience than last weekend. I understand now why BDSM clubs have strict etiquette rules in their preliminaries.

Other than that little blip, we had a great time! I got a LELO Tiani yesterday. I charged it up and put it in when we got to the club. Miguel had much fun playing with it while I tried to dance. The he passed it around so some of our friends could watch me squirm. It was fun!

We are going to Eyz Wide Shut again tonight. We hadn’t planned to, but some friends convinced us that we should be there. (Thanks T & D)

This year has been a lot of fun.¬† I hope you are all planning a fun night! I hope this year brings you lots of sexy safe fun! I have been too busy to set any resolutions….yet. Yes, I will be posting all the promises I plan on making to myself (and probably breaking) this coming year.

I really just want to make some money in the New Year and stay committed to keeping it sexy here on KissinBlueKaren.

Thanks for hanging with me in 2011!



  1. BlueKaren says:

    Thanks! You too girl!!

  2. Sounds like fun. Happy New Year hun.
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