On the bench

My eyes are covered by the blindfold you seem to carry with you all the time. I know what is coming when you slide it over my head. I switch off, I give you the reigns. You take my sight and you take control of me. You assist me with taking the desired articles of clothing off. I can’t see and my balance wavers in my high heels. You steady me as you slip my skirt and panties down and off of me. You leave my thigh high stockings on. They make me look even better when we are fucking. I know you like the way they feel on your back as I wrap my legs around you. But not yet, first I need to get on the bench.

You guide me over to the bench and place my hands on the end of it. It is difficult but I manage to get myself into position while blindfolded, for my punishment. My knees rest along either side on the padded bars. My chest is flatten down against the leather. I am strattling this leather bench with my ass exposed. I put my head to the side and wait for you. You ask me if I am comfortable. I assure you that I am and I hear the straps of the leather falling on the flogger as you set it down. Sizing me up, you see my corset covers too much skin. You have me take it off hook by hook while blindfolded, then you strap me in. First my hands then my feet are bound. I am completely vulnerable, naked, exposed and blindfolded. Your voice and movements are all I am thinking about as I lay on the bench.

The first strikes of the flogger hit my ass and you move the licks up my back until you find a rhythm. The falls hit my skin at all the right spots, no wraps tonight. My eyes close under the blindfold. I am slipping away to a place full of white sparks and nothingness. If you are saying anything now, I can’t hear you. I am an empty shell upon that bench. My mind is focused on the next strike, the next blast of white light. I am home here. I have no need of the safe word right now. None of the straps cut into my flesh, they just leave a dull aching sting behind. The rate and intensity is perfect. Just as I start to come to and focus back on you, you stop. I can fell you cock rubbing on my ass, it is hard and now covered in my wetness. You slide it up and back before plunging inside of me. With you cock rocking my insides you smack my ass. I am so intune with every sensation. It is bliss as you use the flogger on my back as you fuck me.

You stop thrusting just long enough to untie my straps and guide me over to the bed. The blindfold comes off the reveal an empty room. We are the only ones here right now. If I listen hard enough, I can hear moans of passion coming through the walls, but I don’t try to hear. All I want is your breath in my ear as your cock thrusts into me. I want it hard and fast. So rough now, you pull my hair and thrust into me. I am drenched and the sound the wetness makes as you fuck me is enough to fill the room. You lean close and whisper Spanish into my ear. I don’t know what you’re saying but the words make me cum. You pull your cock out just in time to cum on my stomach.

I love every bit of energy you give me on the bench. I took it all from you tonight. I feel renewed in my passion for you. You give me pleasure with a bit of pain. You rock me till I cum and never leave me unfulfilled. I would do anything you asked of me, I know you would never ask too much. I look forward to the next time you put me on the bench.



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