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So yesterday I found myself hacked…again. Actually, not hacked, just copied. Apparently Krystal Lynn who is the admin for has issues with coming up with her own content for her site. So what does she do? She steals blog posts from other sites and republishes them with no real credit given, just a small link at the bottom of the page with the name of the post linking back to the original website. There is no mention of who actually wrote the article. The link at the bottom of the page is easy to miss. I am not alone in being copied. Looking through her posts I found a few familiar sites content laid up on her blog. Why would someone do this? I even have to ¬©All Rights Reserved KissinBlueKaren thingy on the bottom of every page of my site. It is hard to battle this type of theft. I looked her up on WhoIsGoDaddy and sent her an e-mail to take it down. This is the third time this chic has done this to KissinBlueKaren. By copying and pasting from another website, she can produce lots of content everyday. I really hate this chic.

I spent too much time on the internet today trying to figure out what the hell SOPA is. I am way behind the 8-ball on this. I am sure you have heard of this, but if not then let me enlighten you. A bill that shouldn’t be passed, is on the verge of being passed. Mostly because it is backed by some major corporate assholes. Basically, it is all about the internet piracy act. Piracy is a crime, but this bill takes things to extremes and makes the slightest copyright infringement illegal. Got a song playing in the background when you video something, post it anywhere on the net and YOU become the criminal. It is interesting to note that the biggest supporters of this act where the same people showing us how to use share file software a few years ago. CNET is one of the biggest supporters. I am so behind the 8-ball on this. If you want to learn something about it type SOPA into YouTube and watch some of the videos. I think I lost 2 hours today trying to understand this bill. Basically it says that if they even think you infringe copyrights, they can ban you from the internet…anywhere. Sites like YouTube, Scrib,¬† and Reddit stand to loose everything. On one side it would stop thieves like thecamgirldiary from existing. It would be easy to take her down. On the other hand it would make sharing information very difficult. You will find yourself tip-toeing to not offend or infringe on anyone. As much as I hate being copied, I do not support SOPA. The bill is a slippery slope of censoring the internet.

Places I recommend to learn about SOPA:

The Huffington Post

Keep the Web Open



I hate talking about this. I hate even thinking about it, but seriously…this bill is dangerous. Here is a link suggesting something you can do about it.


  1. TheSinDoll says:

    This is a really great post. With all the content hacking going on, this has me thinking of what I need to do to protect myself. Thanks for this.
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  2. Pyra says:

    SOPA does look pretty scary indeed, but so many websites did a blackout, including Wikipedia, that the protests were in the news too. Whether we have power or not, we have managed to send a message, and that is heartening.

  3. When you’re good… happens. Sorry to hear that, but Google will sandbox her ass soon enough!
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  4. What the fuck?! Clearly the stupid people are at it again, I mean really how can these ass hats be so stupid. Dumb question it’s what they’re best at. As for lil miss copy cat this is one reason I’m glad I’m a mediocre blogger at best no need to worry that anyone will copy me. Sorry she sucks so much ass and doesn’t even try to be original. le sigh idk imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say.
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