LELO Soraya

I got the LELO Soraya for review this month. The Soraya is a rabbit with deep rumbly vibrations. This rabbit is made with silicone and gold colored plastic inner loops on the main shaft. The clitoral arm is completely silicone and has a spring type mechanism that keeps it’s shape and gives firm pressure, but still allows for movement.


  • Shaft:8.5″ x 1.25″ (Insertable length 5.25″)
  • Clitoral Arm:2


  • Matte Silicone and Plastic

The Soraya is rechargeable. The charger connects at the base through a small hole. It blinks when it is charging and stays steady when it has a full charge. The instructions say to charge the Soraya monthly. It needs to charge for 2 hours, and that gives you 4 hours of playtime. It has a standby of up to 90 days.

The Soraya has a three button interface with 8 modes. The (+) button turns it on and increases the vibrations on any mode. The () middle button controls the modes. The (-) turns the vibration level down and turns it off. The modes vary from steady to pulsing to escalating. They also alternate vibrations on either the shaft or the clitoral arm, and they have a mode that isolates either one from vibrating if you can’t handle them both. The modes give lots of variety for building to climax or can go full-on to get you there quick.

The LELO Soraya comes in deluxe packaging. All LELO products come with their own storage pouch as well. Lelo boasts a 1 year warranty and 10 year guarantee. The details of both are included as well as a booklet on care and maintenance. The booklet says that the toy is not waterproof. Looking at the Lelo website, it says it is. I can tell you that this toy is completely waterproof. I have taken this in the shower, and submerged it for cleaning. Yeah, I love waterproof toys! Being silicone means it is only compatible with water-based lubrication. I haven’t needed to use any lube with this toy. The curved shaft tip means it is easy to insert, even for beginners.

Cleaning the Soraya is fairly easy, just use a sex toy cleaner, wipe, or soap and water. The silicone and plastic on my Soraya meet together for a seamless look and feel. The Soraya can be stored in either the deluxe box it came in or the satin pouch that they include. The satin pouch is black on the outside and white satin lined on the inside. The charger and Soraya both fit easily in the storage pouch. The packaging of this toy makes it a great gift.

This toy has re-defined for me what g-spot + clitoral stimulation should be. The shaft is curves at a slight angle to keep firm pressure on the g-spot as it rumbles. The shaft is firm. The loop near the base allows for easy re-adjustment and allows a grip for thrusting. I have to admit that the 8th mode is my favorite. That mode makes both the shaft and the clitoral arm vibrate. I like to turn it all the way up and trust. The LELO Soraya has all but ruined me for rabbit reviews. It has set a new standard for what a toy can feel like and sound like. The Soraya is very quiet. It is much quieter than any rabbit I own. The Soraya takes the best parts of the shaft vibrator and combined them with clitoral vibrations that are strong enough to make the perfect rabbit. I am in lust with the Soraya.

The LELO Soraya can be purchased at HedoVibes. This toy is mean to last and comes with a warranty. Rechargeable, strong, waterproof, deluxe packaging, storage pouch all included, what more could you ask for?


Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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  2. Kay says:

    I heard good things about the Lelo brand but now I’m really interested…why do good things always come with such high prices…*sigh*

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  10. Woman says:

    I just reviewed the Lelo Isla!!! I am thrilled you liked the Soraya. I was impressed by the looks of the Isla, and the control panel. But not by much else!!!

    I am glad you liked this line!!!!! More like art work than a sex toy!!!
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  16. Miranda says:

    Great review, it made me want to try one out.
    Love the shirt btw ;)
    Looks cute on you.
    Miranda would like you read..Happy Holidays From The Swingers AtticMy Profile

  17. BlueKaren says:

    I am so spoiled by rechargeable toys! I love the whole insignia line from Lelo.

  18. Damn that’s awesome. No one ever asks me to review toys like that :( The Soraya looks amazing, I for sure need a rechargeable toy with the amount of batteries I go through it would be for the best environment and pocket wise.
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