Tantus Cush Giveaway!

SheVibe has allowed me to host a giveaway for a Tantus Cush 02!

Like everything from Tantus, the Cush is 100% medical grade silicone. It is available in three colors: Candy, Twilight and Ice. It measures 7″ long and is 1.25″ wide. I have heard nothing but wonderful rave reviews about this dildo. It is harness compatible and totally shareable. From the SheVibe website:

The graceful curves of the Cush are designed to stimulate the G-spot and create a crescendo of sensation during use. The softer outer layer coupled with the brightly-colored firmer core makes this one of the most comfortable dildos in the Tantus O2 line. Tantus’ Dual Density O2 line delivers maximum satisfaction through a realistically familiar feel. The SuperSoft™ outside and the hard muscle core are both made of Tantus’ own unique blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.

I just have to say that Tantus is one of my favorite companies. They only make quality products out of the best materials. SheVibe sells them at a great discount.

You want one now, huh? I know I want one! Instead of being selfish, I forfeited my review this month. I love you guys and I want everyone to own the luxury of Tantus. Enter to win a Tantus Cush 02 here, and start 2012 as a winner! Since I am suppose to be having some sort of “sexy” blog here, to enter please just tell me how you are going to use this dildo, harnessed or freehand? Please tell me all the sexy details…don’t be shy.  Feel free to tell me something new everyday, either add more details or change it up. I can’t wait to read your sexy perverted ideas…

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  1. [...] Tantus Cush Giveaway! Deadline: December 31st. [...]

  2. [...] Tantus Cush Giveaway! Deadline: December 31st. [...]

  3. [...] Tantus Cush Giveaway! Deadline: December 31st. [...]

  4. Fat Stephen says:

    my website’s the link to where your banner is & I plan on using this on one of my bound partners in a most deliciously naughty fashion ;)

  5. Right now I would be using this free hand since I do not have a harness (but I am looking for one!) and I will probably be asking someone else to fuck me with it. Maybe use it in my butt while he fucks my pussy…

  6. sport coupon says:

    I’m back for more. We love the Vibrating Panties from your giveaway. The crush would be used both freehand and with a harness (all ready have a girlfriend in mind).

  7. [...] Tantus Cush Giveaway! Deadline: December 31st. [...]

  8. Sarah Beachrats says:

    I’m going to peg my husband with a Spareparts Harness

  9. txymxy says:

    I would totally freehand it, we’re not quite up to this size for harness play! :)

  10. Breanne says:


  11. macho99 says:

    you’re on my blog roll (the rafflecopter didn’t have a space for the url lol)

  12. Metis Ithakesios says:

    I suppose I forgot to say how it might be used. That would remain to be seen. Alone, she would use it free hand, but together, it could be used harnessed on me. Multifunctionality for the win!

  13. Metis Ithakesios says:

    Would love to give this to my gf, who is living abroad for a time. It sounds from the reviews like it would really suit her.

  14. Wynter Reign says:

    Free hand as I have not tried a harness before.

  15. Apollonas says:

    I would use it with my partner, for sure. It would be a shared toy and would be used both in a strap-on harness (on me) as well as free hand on her. I can definitely see us having hours of fun with it!
    As for the details of use, well, she would definitely peg me with it, bringing me to ecstasy while hitting my P spot. Fucking my tight little ass till I came without any stimulus to my cock and then I would fuck her silly while using it to execute a delicious double penetration. Ladies choice, of course, as to which hole she wants the Tantus in…

  16. Silverdrop says:

    I would suck on it, closing my eyes and imagining it was a certain transwoman friend of mine.
    Silverdrop would like you read..And The Winner Is…My Profile

  17. Jodi Stevens says:

    I would use it in a harness if using it on someone else, or by itself to use on me. SWITCH!
    Jodi Stevens would like you read..Pleasurists Edition 161My Profile

  18. nina h says:

    First, free hand, to get myself used to it. Then my partner would use it on me with a harness.

    It looks fantastic.

  19. OMGTehAwsome says:

    Totally freehand! At least until I can afford a good harness.

  20. liza bennet says:

    Hmm, it will definitely gets use on my own, but I did just order a sexy harness from Shevibe, so this would accessorize it nicely! Husband won’t know what hit him.
    liza bennet would like you read..External ObliqueMy Profile

  21. Blacksilk says:

    Added you to my blogroll with a text link at http://blacksilk.wordpress.com/ in the sidebar. :)
    Blacksilk would like you read..A Read to RememberMy Profile

  22. Hamish says:

    Wife and I have been looking forward to trying an O2 from Tantus. I sure hope we win.

  23. Blacksilk says:

    I’d be using it freehand since I’ve no-one to use a strap-on on. God, I’d love to win this, I love Tantus since buying the Adam!
    Blacksilk would like you read..A Read to RememberMy Profile

  24. This looks really cool. I’ve been seeing good reviews on it, too! Will likely be freehanding or using with my liberator pulse!

  25. This looks really cool. I’ve been seeing good reviews on it, too!

  26. Shadow says:

    Ill be using this free hand.

  27. Your banner is located in my right sidebar under blogroll. Thanks :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com
    Renee Richardson would like you read..Pleasurists Edition 160My Profile

  28. I would love to use a combo of both. I am really getting interested in harnessing even though I haven’t done it yet. Thanks so much for the sexy giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com
    Renee Richardson would like you read..Pleasurists Edition 160My Profile

  29. LinToxic says:

    I will definitely be using this alone. Though harnessing it to my chair for some sexy me time is all I need. ;)

  30. Smith says:

    I wanna use this freehand. LOVE Tantus, and was checking this product out at a store recently. Feels so soft!!

  31. evie says:

    I’d use it in a harness; I have a tantus g-curve that I use with my girl but we’d love to try something straight.

  32. elle says:

    harness and fuck my gf with it ;)

  33. Amanda says:

    I would use the free hand ;)

  34. Jennifer says:

    I intend to make those soft pastel curves and grooves
    carry out my darkest whims and moods.

    Newly single and hot to mingle,
    a virgin toy is perfect for this sex-positive boi.
    At first it’ll get plenty of solo play
    (better than Folgers; it’s how I start my day).

    Soon a keen gal I’m bound to find;
    she’ll be lovestruck–I’m dapper, refined.
    And then out comes my pretty pastel friend
    –cute and tame– nothing to apprehend.

    I’ll slide the piece in my harness and between her thighs;
    then fuck her ferociously, to her delighted surprise.

    So you see, BlueKaren, I very much want the Cush.
    To get this toy you had the pull, but baby, I got the push.

  35. Beanfiddler says:

    I love Tantus products. I might use this with my partner, but most likely on my own freehand. Thanks for the excellent giveaway!
    Beanfiddler would like you read..Save 20% sitewide and 15% off Fleshlight @PinkCherryToys!My Profile

  36. Marisol says:

    I will be using this beautiful dildo free hand…and possibly along with another toy. I already own a Tantus Mikey, and he’s soo good! I’ve been wondering about the 02′s. Mmm.

  37. TicklingPink says:

    I’ll definitely be using this one freehand. A little wine, a little music, and then this bad boy and I will be be getting to know each other really, really well. :D
    TicklingPink would like you read..My Vote For Strangest Alarm Clock EverMy Profile

  38. No harness or partner so I’d have to freehand it but I’d love a harness and this toy with or without one is a must own.
    Jessica ( frellathon ) would like you read..All Her Father’s Guns by James Warner reviewMy Profile

  39. macho99 says:

    I currently don’t have a partner so I’ll be free handing this. Though I’m currently in the market for a hands free system. I want to ride my toys! :D
    macho99 would like you read..The Naughty List | Week 7My Profile

  40. Chey says:

    I’ll be using this dildo with a harness, hopefully to the delight of my partner ;D

  41. Love the design of the Cush! The couple of Tantus toys I own so far get alot of use especially with strap-on play.

    I have a cute pink harness that would compliment the look of the Cush so well, and I know my partner would love the combination :)
    Michelle Dunne would like you read..Give Lube LubetubesMy Profile

  42. Sunnie says:

    Im gonna have a blast with this on myself and with my husband, we have been living with the in laws in between homes and our sex life is almost non existant. We miss each other big time!

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