The hell I been

Where the hell have I been lately? I’m about to tell you why no sexy shit has appeared on my blog as of late…

We had such a busy weekend. Miguel and I were both very ill this past Saturday. Our youngest son turned two (the preemie!) and my oldest nephew got married on Sunday. It was busy, and I had a big black cloud hanging over my head due to finances. The cloud is still there, I am just choosing to pretend it is not. (Please, no one remind me how few days left before -*&%#[email protected]^-! I have my head in the sand.) I fucking hate money!

Moving on….I am back and so is my libido! Unfortunately, Miguel has been so tired I can’t get any attention. Le sigh! Oh the fucking horror of watching him sleep when all I really want to do is slip his cock in my mouth. It is sheer torture, but I let him rest. My new soraya is making everything better. He has a four day weekend starting tomorrow and then it is ON! (if that is okay with my two ankle biters that is.)

I have been reading alot of sexy stuff lately. Why yes, it is keeping my head in the gutter. I have all these books I have to read forcing me to think smut and I kinda like it. Miguel and I have decided to put all our outings on hold, thereby forcing us to spend even more time with each other. This temporary hold will not keep me from writing about our sexual adventures. I am sure Miguel will find some way for us to enjoy nights out (or in) with other people that don’t cost a lot of money. He is gifted like that.

In the meantime, I got a stripper pole in my living room… Did I forget to mention that? I got the mipole about a week ago. I am still pretty excited about it. How many chicks do you know have a stripper pole in their living room? I do! I am uber excited to write the full review of this awesome piece of umm sporting equipment…yeah that’s it!

That’s it for now Lovelies! I gotta work on some more reviews….work, work, work! Until next time, keep it sexy!


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