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While we were at Eyz Wide Shut this weekend. We heard from a friend that a local swinger club got raided and the owners were arrested. There is such a thing as licensing for swinger clubs, and these people just didn’t have any. This is the kind of story that drives swingers underground. No one, not even very open-minded folks, wants to end up on the news leaving a swinger club. The reporters were not there for the raid, thankfully, and eyewitnesses said the cops just told the patrons that they had to leave.

You can read the full report here.

This is actually very bad news. I have been to this club numerous times and had no idea they didn’t have licensing. When we first started going to Eyz, there was a similar rumor about the club. Upon further investigation I learned that the rumor was a flat out lie spread by a local competing swinger spot. It was very viscous, the kind of thing that keeps people far away from swinger clubs. I assure you that Eyz Wide Shut has all their licensing and will not be raided for anything.

How can you know that the club you go to has proper licensing? One way is to ask the owners. Is there any licensing visible? A legit run club will have something visible saying they are authorized for business. Talk to the people who have been there. It is really a business or is it run out of someone’s home? We have been to a few “clubs” out of people’s homes and I realize now that we just got lucky. Any home could be a swinger club with advertising if these were actually legal. All I am saying is do your homework…

I hate all the seedy underground things that are associated with the swinger community. The thing that really stinks is that swinging is legal. What consenting adults do is their own business. I agree that this lifestyle is not for everyone, but those that choose the lifestyle should be able to go to a place and not worry about ending up on the news. The stigma that swinging carries would cause some people to loose their jobs, just for being sex positive and open. It is unfair, really. That is the world we live in.

Another thing that gives swingers a bad name is the way in which some people go about it. Take for example the couple we met a few weeks ago. Read the full story here. Basically, this guy thinks he can trick his girl into swinging. He didn’t bother to tell her he met us on a swinger site. He didn’t tell us she was in the dark, until we were already there to meet them. How sleazy is that? This couple was there on Friday night at Eyz. I greeted her because I think she is really sweet. Too bad her man is a douche-bag! He actually came up to us Friday night to tell us that they were going next door to the lodging…. (What was he thinking?)! We were like, “Okay, so what?” Miguel explained to him that because he did not give her full disclosure we didn’t like him. It is never going to happen. He is just a flaming idiot. Not only did he not read my blog about what I really thought about his seedy ways, he didn’t listen to a damn thing Miguel told him on the phone before heading out on Friday to the club. He had to tell us he was taking her out, and then thought….what? that we were going to just make their first experience. I am sure he though we would be a sure thing.

Please, don’t be that person….thinking swingers will accept you like that. This is a consensual lifestyle. It requires open communication and a lot of trust. This guy has already demonstrated that he cannot be trusted. I wouldn’t be naked in a room with him ever. This is the kind of guy that would pretend to put a condom on or try to go anal even after negotiating anal was off limits. If he would lie to her, the woman he “loves”, why would he be honest in any situation. Why would a guy trust this guy with his woman? That’s all I’m saying.

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  1. Wow what an ass I hope she punches him in the nuts on the way out the door. Being in Dallas we’ve had some interesting swinger club news, mostly one that was run in a residential area and then caused the whole block to be pretty much shut down due to a ton of traffic it brought in all kinds of police raids and lawyering idk what happened but it was on tv quite a bit for a while there.
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