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When cleaning most sex toys, soap and water or a sex toy cleaning spray is usually best. Anal toys should be thoroughly disinfected after use, of course. Some materials can be boiled or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution. Make sure your toys are completely dry after cleaning before storing them. If you store your toys in a dark place, such as a drawer, then mold can grow. I know eww, right? That is why cleaning them before before use is always a good idea, as well as after. I usually just set mine down on a towel to air dry overnight. (This has lead to some interesting mornings as Miguel finds them laying on the sink as he gets read for work.) Before use I use a spray on sex toy cleaner, and then just wipe off.

As a reviewer, I sometimes run into product materials that I am not too sure about. Not so much in terms of safety, but cleaning. I scour the internet because it offers such a wealth of information. There are many places I have bookmarked that I use to find out everything about a product in order to review it. It is always nice to have everything in one spot so here is my list for cleaning sex toys info;

SheVibe Care & Cleaning


Eden Fantasys Guide to Materials


HedoVibes Guide To Materials


FunWares Sex Q&A: How Do I Clean My Toys





Some materials cannot be stored together. Latex, rubber, silicone, and jelly cannot be placed next to each other when storing. For example, you can store silicone with silicone but not next to rubber. They actually melt together….yuk! I had this happen to a few of my rabbits. I was sad to have to throw them away but, they also developed a funny smell. It was a good lesson for me. Now all my materials are segregated with silicone, metal, glass and plastic mixed together. All my other toys get put into big zip-lock storage bags or back in their packaging.

As my sex toy collection keeps growing, I keep trying to find more ways to store my toys. Shoe boxes, tupperware containers, shopping bags, and plastic totes are all great places to store toys. I do have some toys that I keep in the original boxes or clamshells. I have had a few storage cases but I actually use big plastic totes with fabric draws to store the bulk of my toys. I have three stacking totes I got from Target, of all places, that work great for me. I haven’t used a drawer for some time now, I have way too much stuff. Under the bed doesn’t work for me, and I outgrew the shoe boxes a while ago. I had a locking storage case but it refused to open one day, so I broke it. I still use my devine toy box, that is where I keep my most used toys, right by the bed. This thing is a bit pricey but it keep my toys dust free and close. Then I use shopping bags, from Eden Fantasys and Babeland to segregate the toys I need to review. I actually got that idea from another reviewer. I love little storage pouches for toys, they keep the lint and dust from getting to my toys. It is nice when the manufacturer sends them with the toy, too bad they don’t all do that. I have found some retailers that sell them.

Eden Sex Toy Pouch

Sexy Satchel Toy Pouch

Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag Large   -Extra Large

There are so many sex toy storage containers to keep toys in. Most of them are pricey. If you invest in sex toys, why not something nice to keep them in? I also love the look of the Corsette Storage Bag and the Holistic Sneaky Sack.

Where do you keep you toys? Leave a comment and share.


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