All Sexes For Me, Please

I guess I forgot to tell you about Saturday night at Eyz Wide Shut. It was awesome! My sexy friend that was celebrating her birthday got all the attention she deserved! The club was celebrating their anniversary, so at midnight we all got a champagne toast, (the owner got a lap dance). Then we stayed over in the new lodging side. It was a really long night. I passed out around 3-ish and woke up two hours later. Miguel was pacing the room, talking something about the couple next door. I wasn’t able to get up, but it seems a funny thing now. Neither one of us got too much sleep and we left rather early to get home. The room was comfortable enough, but we had to get home to relieve the babysitter. 7am Sunday morning…I haven’t been awake to see that in a long time.

Something unique happened at the club. I was being molested by another sexy girl who was a part of a group. She was saying that she wanted us to join her. It was definitely an ego boosted but she was in such a large group, I couldn’t tell who her man was. I asked her but she just kinda pointed. I didn’t want to end up with another large group situation, especially if I didn’t know all the players. She kinda introduced me around the table to people. One of the group was a transgender female, who still had some male anatomy. I gotta be honest here and say I have never encountered that in the swinging community. Later on when we were being escorted to our room by the owner, she walked by and said hello. They were still in a large group. The timing was off.

I thought about it later, I am still thinking about it. Did I miss the opportunity to play with this person, or better yet, see Miguel with her? I have never really thought about a transgender person, or what that really means…until I heard about Buck Angel. Buck Angel is a guy, he just happens to have a pussy. It kinda freaked me out at first but now what I wouldn’t give to meet him. I think about the confidence it must take for someone to feel so different in their own skin, and then own it and show the world.

I am imagining the possibilities of being with someone so confident. Someone who may be just enough of both to sexes to appeal to all my senses. Is this a whole group of people I never thought about? Are transgender swingers even real, or are they dragged to parties by their open friends. I guess I don’t know because even being bi-sexual, (as a male), is considered “taboo” in the most swinger circles. (“Yea, we are so fucking open, but uh my man is strictly straight okay!”) Why this fear? We both enjoy both sexes. Sex is just sex people. If you are going to be open and fuck strangers for pleasure why exclude half the population. If it turns on your partner, (and my poll results say it definitely does), then why hold back? I want to add this sort of play into my life. I am adding this to my bucket list.

I think it is time I made some new kinds of friends.

I want to hear what you think of this…. interesting? no way? tried it? Please leave your comments.


  1. Absinthe says:

    I have not ventured much into the realm of “Swingers” mostly due to the “Anti-bi male” head space that exists there.

    In the BDSM community you seem to find an over all more accepting community sexual orientation, be it Pansexual, Bi sexual, Straight or other, no one there really seems to care. Another “Sub-group” that seems over all to have a lack of stereo typical hang ups over sexual orientation is the polyamorous (Poly) group(s).

    I have never understood WHY people have hang ups over other peoples sexual orientations. If its not what you are into, just look the other way. If more people would just accept people for WHO they are not what happens to be OR not be in the pants the world would be a better place.

    AS for TG as a whole. I would personally love to meet a stunning Girl with a very nice set of breast and functional male bits. Being a Bi girl for me its the best of both worlds, Plus my other half would gain the same that I would, being He is Bi as well. I love people for them and I tend to not pick people out for the body parts but their minds, I know most people do not thin that way nor do I expect others to change to that way of thinking. I do how ever WISH people would just over all learn to be more accepting of ALL the beauty in the world regardless of what it came to be that way!

    • BlueKaren says:

      I totally agree. People are so strange in what they will consider is normal. What does it matter? Miguel and I have always been very open to new experiences. I love ALL kinds of people, I don’t care what other people think of me.

  2. champagne toasts and lap dances! yummy

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