Delicous Friday

We didn’t go out last weekend, at all. We stayed home and enjoyed some time with the kids. This weekend we double dipped and went out both Friday and Saturday night. Our babysitter loved us for that.

Really been meaning to get back to the Phoenix Club so we went on Friday night. Friday is a bit more economical for us since it is half price to get in this members only club. We were pretty anxious to go out, so we left really early to get there. Too early. We arrived before 8, the club open at 8. Over eager for a good time I guess. We don’t know that meany people at the club. The people we did talk to were very friendly and welcoming. Lack of friends there and the fact that there is no alcohol there to break the ice makes it a bit uncomfortable to wait. Things pick up at Phoenix around 11pm #mentalnote.

It was Fem/Dom night. We didn’t realize it at the time. Despite the theme a few traditional D/s couples were there. One of them had a case of glass cups. I am sure we missed out on all kinds of good fun. I don’t understand what was going to happen with the cups, but hopefully I will see them again. I am intrigued. Another couple had tools for needle play. They even had a bin to place the used needles into. This club is truly anything goes. I think the needle play would have been hot to watch. I so wanted to play. Miguel had instructed me not to bring the flogger. I wore my collar. I love the way if feels on me. I am owned. Although we are not the typical players in the BDSM community. I am so pleased Miguel indulges me once in a while. He is the only one I want to discipline me. I really wanted to get spanked and tied up, but it just didn’t happen. We left before play time started.

I have some massage oil candles I have been needing to review, so we went home to take care of that. The candles were really awesome. The hot massage oil felt delicious on my skin. He rubbed it all over me. I will be posting a favorable full review of them very soon. Miguel is rough when we fuck and it is such a damn turn on. He pulls my hair and I just melt. The pain mixes with the pleasure and I drift. The white hot feel of his hands spanking my ass. I always want it. We played and fucked. Miguel came but I wasn’t done yet. I got out my G-Ki and played a bit with it. Miguel helped me out by whispering like hot sex into my ear. He gets real close so I can feel his breath and his voice is so hot. He then lubed up and finger-fucked my ass. I came like gang busters with his finger in my ass the g-ki working my clit and g-spot. A delicious night.

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