I am a Winner!

Thanks to all my sexy friends I am the proud owner of The Risque Reviewer Award from Real Sex Toy Reviews!

I am very grateful for everyone that voted. I didn’t know people thought of me that way, haha! (Okay, I did a little.) Thanks Lovelies!

I hope you will go check out Real Sex Toy Reviews and all the other reviewers that received awards. I was really up against some great reviewers. I wanted to congratulate Bean Fiddler for winning the Elucidator Award and Kitty Stryker for winning Sex Positive Award and the Affinity For Jocosity Award (she is educational and funny folks), and True Pleasures for winning the Sharing Is Caring Award. A special shout-out to Alan and Michelle for winning the Reader’s Write In Award.

All of these reviewers have bigger lists then mine of products they have reviewed. If you are looking to purchase something in the adult spectra, please check out some of the reviews so you can learn about the product before you buy it. That is the purpose of doing these reviews, to help people make informed decisions. Thanks for reading our reviews!



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