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I received The Kama Sutra: The Ancient Art of Lovemaking For a New Millenium for review from FunWares a few weeks ago. The book is 176 pages and authored by Madelyn Carol Dervos. It is Japanese Silk bound and illustrated with traditional Indian art. It is a beautiful translation in modern language of the original Kama Sutra that was written by Sir Richard Burton. The inspiration for Kama Sutra came from the writing of Vatsyayana and originated in India.

I had a completely different idea when I picked this book. I thought it would be more modern. It is the modern remake of a classic. It is more of an acquired taste. I have grown to appreciate this book for what it truly is and not what I had guessed it was.

This book is broken into 8 parts. It has a short intro about the book and another part about Sir Richard Burton. I am going to try to break it down for you without giving everything away. The parts are:

  1. Love Principals- Dharma, Arthma and Kama explained; the arts and sciences to be studied; the life of a citizen; types of women
  2. Intercourse- according to size, passion and time; the embrace; kissing; pressing, marking, and scratching with fingernails; biting; positions; woman acting the man’s part; oral sex; love quarrels
  3. Acquiring a Wife- marriage; creating confidence in women; courting; winning the woman; certain forms of marriage;
  4. About a Wife- the way a virtuous woman lives; the conduct of a wife
  5. About  the Wives of Other People- the characteristics of men and women; meeting a woman; a woman’s state of mind; a go-between; people in authority; the keeping of one’s own wife
  6. About Courtesans- (introductory remarks) attracting the right kind of man; living like a wife; getting money, ways to get rid of a man; reunion with a former lover; ways of making money; gains and losses
  7. Attracting Others- personal adornment; ways to excite desire
  8. The Illustrated Positions (all 21 of them with a brief introduction)

Some of this stuff sounds really silly. This book wasn’t written to be read like a novel. It is more of a manual for men. It is a book about becoming the sort of man women desire. It is written to be studied and put into practice. This book is full of ancient wisdom for pleasing women. It gives tips on types of women without apologies. I especially enjoyed the part about the Courtesans. The author writes without judging and tries to explain their place in society. A place that is not the lower sector us modern folks try to associate with prostitutes and escorts.

There is a whole chapter in this ancient book about biting.

“In lovemaking, men should only do things that are agreeable to women and suit their nature. Some women are naturally proud and reserved, and won’t welcome nail marks or biting. Some welcome all types of unusual pleasures, like being slapped or spanked.”

“If a man shows a woman love marks she gave him in public and in broad daylight, she should smile and show him the marks he gave her. If men and women act according to each other’s nature and liking, their love for each other will not fade, even in one hundred years.”

Surprisingly, most of this book still rings true. The original work is centuries old and the translation by Sir Richard Burton was published in 1883! This book has inspired so many erotic writings and is synonymous with the erotic of today still. I am so glad I got a copy of this book. It is a classic treasure full of wisdom. This book came to me bound in plastic with a small intro from the publishers on the outside of the book. . This book provides a prospective on sex that is very honest. I can only imagine a culture that actually embraced these principals, no wonder India had such an impact on the English! I really enjoyed this book. I loved the illustrations and the honesty in the writing. I believe it could be appreciated by even my most vanilla friends if introduced at the right time.

I wanna thank FunWares for sending me this book to review! FunWares has this book available for $31.95. This book would make a wonderful gift for a new couple.


Ancient Art of Kama Sutra Book
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This book is well written, but not the kind of book you read all at once.

I received this product from FunWares free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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