Good Night Gone Bad

So we went to the Hard Rock Casino Hotel last night. I was very excited, there was suppose to be 3 couples including us. It was suppose to be a real sexy time. It wasn’t. We jumped through a lot of hoops just to be able to go out last night. We drove all the way out there and we waited in lobby for the guy to meet us and take us upstairs….but wait! This guy did not look like his pics at all! It was a much older guy. On top of that, the guy claimed to be 42! Younger than Miguel? I don’t think so! Okay but so there was still suppose to be another couple there and possibly another that we had met before for a total of 4 couples including us, so we followed him up to his room.

We get up to the room and we are greeted by a very sexy blond. This is the unicorn that was suppose to be there. Yeah! She is really cute.  Then a brunette little hottie comes up and gives me a great big hug. She pulls me over to the bed before the introductions are even over and begins to kiss me. I like aggressive hotties so I just let it happen. She feels on my breasts and pulls them out of my shirt. I look around to see everyone is doing something else. Miguel is watching us, her boyfriend is looking very grumpy on the bed next to us and the sexy blond and our guy host are trying to get the radio to work. A bit awkward when I start talking to her and realize she is just blitzed out of her mind. Who fed her all this alcohol?

I finally get her to release me and we sit and talk so we can get to know everyone. Little hottie comes and sits on my chair with me. She is sweet at first, then drunk crazy comes out. I know she is just drunk, but saying “Fuck you, you fucking bitch!” is never gonna go over well. I just met the girl 10 minutes ago…. While our host runs down to get pizza for everyone sexy blond comes up and tells me that our host is a 2-min fuck. She is only seeing him short term until her real boyfriend can fly her out of state so they can be together. Ya, TMI. Then she tells me that they had to drive out to St.Pete to pick this couple up and she is really not looking forward to being stuck with them all night.The pizza doesn’t seem to help little hottie sober up at all and her boyfriend is as grumpy as ever at this point.

I am still trying to make the best of the situation, but it doesn’t look good. One more couple is suppose to come out. We met them previously, but didn’t get he chance to hook-up. I talk everyone into going down to the casino to pass the time while we are waiting for them. Long story short, (too late I know), they don’t show up and we make an excuse to leave.

At least now I know there is nothing special about the Hard Rock Hotel. It is the same as every other hotel, just getting to the casino is much quicker from there. I thought the rooms would be something special. They have nicer furniture, but they are actually smaller than most hotel rooms.

So anyways, last night kinda sucked! To top it off we get home and the little guy is still awake. In case you haven’t heard, my son is the most efficient cock blocker in my house. If he had been the first kid, he would have been the only kid. He only allows us, maybe, 2 nights a week alone for sex. We try to squeeze another one in by going out. I guess he knows we already had sex twice this week, damn it! Some day I will tell you the whole story about our son, he is really something special.

On to other stuff…

Digging deeper in my fetish fantasies, we ordered a leash to go with my collar. I’ve noticed lately that a dominating male is what really turns me on. The way Miguel looks at me when we are fucking, he is in control. All my fantasies lately include domination. We are going to the Halloween party at Eyz Wide Shut tomorrow night. I already have my costume all picked out. They are having the Fetish Party in the backroom on the same night. I am almost torn, wanting to wear all my fetish gear. That’s okay, I will wear my fetish gear next time. I think the costume I have picked out is really hot.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!


  1. zcalmason says:

    Well I’m sorry to hear that m n ks weekend started off on an ugly note. But on the other hand I’m very happy to say that our(taresa n rick) weekend ended up absolutly grand thanks to m n k. I won’t spoil the details. Instead I will allow karen to let every one read in her own words. However I will say that taresa hasn’t left my cock alone since lastnite with the six of us. Thanks again miguel n karen. Big ups and all props due to an awsome couple.

    • BlueKaren says:

      I was just writing up something about our Friday now. Look for the full 6-some details to show up for Halloween treats. You guys are such a sexy couple!
      Thanks for checking out my site. Muah!

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