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SM101- A Realistic Introduction was written by Jay Wiseman . It has 391 pages and lots of illustrations. This book is a beginners guide to the sadomasochism. I received this item for review from Good Vibrations. This past month they had a whole bunch of SM stuff, and I picked this due to my curious nature. Being a Gemini, I desire to conquer every topic, SM is my topic this month!

I think Jay Wiseman did an excellent job putting this book together. At the time of publishing it’s 2nd  edition Jay had already had 25 years in the lifestyle. He has identified himself as a Dominant, but has been a Submissive many times to get a feel for what it was like. He does not consider himself an expert, he just thought that much of the ignorance about the lifestyle needed to be cleared up. He encourages readers to get informed about various aspects before trying them out. He admits that SM is the riskiest form of sex. He expressed in the introduction wanting to turn people into “safe” players. Jay says he worked on an ambulance for over 8 years, so safety is brought up over and over. You can never be too careful, some of what he describes could be very dangerous to an uninformed player.

So this book is informational, not erotic. It has 26 chapters or sections and covers alot of information. Without giving everything away, let me list the sections for you. You will get a good idea of what is covered in the book.

  1. Preface- lots of backround about the author and his goal in writing this book
  2. Preliminaries- more backround and how he started out
  3. Basic Basics- limits, safewords and negotiation forms
  4. Finding Partners-  needs to be updates, the internet was not widely used in 1996
  5. Bondage 1A- ropes and knots
  6. Bondage 1B- other kinds of bondage
  7. Giving and Receiving Erotic Pain- great tips on communicating and ways to dish it out
  8. Flagellation- tools and tips for use
  9. Clamps- lots of stuff to consider about these things
  10. Lubricants: Advantages, Disadvantages and Dangers
  11. Erotic Torture- sex toys, household devices and masturbation games
  12. Humiliation- it is different than just verbal abuse
  13. Dominant/Submissive Interactions- courtesy, commands and punishment
  14. SM Organizations- to join or not to join, with tips on leading
  15. General Safety Considerations- umm, ya more on safety
  16. SM and Safer Sex- safety again
  17. A Novice Women’s Quick Reference Guide to Erotically Dominating a Submissive Man
  18. Constructing an SM Starter Set- basic gear
  19. SM Sayings
  20. Related Practices- categorizing the fetishes so you don’t have to ask
  21. Finding Help with Problems
  22. References and Resources
  23. Glossary
  24. Appendix I Sample Event Rules
  25. Appendix II SM and the Internet- this could be whole book, but it is only 2 pages
  26. Appendix III A Monograph on Breath Control Play-safety, safety, safety!


This book was really written from a personal perspective. He uses his own experience and what he has seen along the way. The book I received was a 2nd edition, published in 1996. Some of it is already outdated. The whole chapter on finding partners and the appendix II need to be re-written. Other than that, I really learned alot. I am now an educated player, which was his exact goal right? Jay took the time to explain some of the topics I was curious about. I know I am going to put alot of this new information to good use. It is easy to navigate to a specific topic and learn about it. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend.

Good Vibrations sells this book for $24.95. If you subscribe to their e-mail list you get $5 off your purchase.

I received this product from Good Vibrations free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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