Sex Toy Day 11/3/2011

I love sex toys and I spend time everyday talking about them and/or playing with them. I am so excited to tell you about Sex Toy Day November 3, 2011.

My Pleasure is giving away 30 free sex toys on that day. They even have a reminder e-mail they can send you so you don’t miss out. Go now and check it out! I wanted to participate and they wanted to hear the answer to the question….

How Have Sex Toys Changed Your Life?

I started off with one bullet. I went to a sex toy party and I bought the most modest toy I could find. A small silver bullet from Cal Exotics. I didn’t know it yet, but that toy changed my life. Going from being ignorant about my body, to owning my sexuality. It was an eye opener. I didn’t need a man to feel good. I could take over and own it myself. It was awkward at first but then it was awesome. That may sound crazy, but it is true. I remember walking into the store after my first bullet died and buying it’s replacement. I was so scared and intimidated. It was before I had a home computer. I was on my trek to owning my sexuality and I wasn’t gonna let my intimidation stop me from getting what I wanted. I waltzed right in there and found another one just like it. I have had a silver bullet in my collection ever since. With this sex toy I can orgasm whenever I want. I control my pleasure.

Fast forward to last year….I started my blog and I was approached by a sex toy company to write a review. My collection was a bit modest then. I had branched out to other kinds of toys and even a strap-on, but it was still very modest. I was hardly qualified, but I guess I seemed honest in my writing. It was enough that they trusted me to do it. To use it and to tell about what I thought. I got hooked. Today my collection includes over 50 toys, erotic books, porn, lubricants, and fetish gear. I am more open in my sexuality now. I have given toys away, traded them, sold them and talked others into doing reviews. My hobby of talking about sex has morphed into something that even makes me a little money on the side.

I love getting new sex toys. When I use a sex toys I take control of my sexuality. When my partner and I use sex toys together it takes our sex lives to a whole new level. It is not awkward anymore, it is awesome. I cannot imagine a fulfilling sex life without it. Miguel knows just how to touch me because he mimics the sex toy to get me off. I wonder sometimes if I ever would have truly orgasmed without that bullet to show me how. I don’t want to wonder, I am just thankful that I have discovered sex toys. They changed my life for the better.



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  1. I tried getting a free toy in last year’s STD but was too slow. Those suckers went fast!

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