Sex Toy Safety

Adult toys can offer a great deal to the fun and enjoyment in the bedroom. However… as with anything in which there is an exchange of body fluids, there is a way to go about it safely.
This is not to say that we want to take all the fun out of steamy sex toy sessions, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you play it safe both during and after sex.

Keep Them Clean In Between
It may seem obvious, but you must make sure you clean your sex toys thoroughly after every session, regardless of whether you have one or multiple partners. Luckily, there are a number of toys that have been designed to be washed in the dishwasher which makes playing with sex toys safely a great deal easier.
Make sure that the items go through a full cycle in the dishwasher with the maximum amount of dish detergent, this means no light washes! Some people prefer to fill the entire bottom portion of the dishwasher with bleach then run the machine.

If you have toys that cannot be put into a dish washer use a hot water solution with 10% bleach. Be sure to leave the solution on for 5 to 10 minutes to destroy any nasties before thoroughly rinsing.
And remember that paraphernalia such as masks, straws, bondage equipment, and other such items also ought to be washed.


During Sex
When participating in sexual play, liberally use condoms. This means a condom goes over the Thunder Beads, the vibrator, the dildo, anything that can be wrapped should be. As you would with regular sex, the condom must always be changed between partners as well so keep a plentiful supply of nearby.


General Care during Sex
Other than the concern of sexually transmitted diseases, there are a number of danger factors that should also be considered when enjoying sex toys.

Battery operated toys should be free from cracks and any exposed wiring. All surfaces should be smooth and not jagged to prevent injury.

When playing with a new toy, make sure you are aware of any precautions by reading the instruction manual before you get going. There is always a danger of tissue damage, bruising or internal discomfort that we all want to avoid. Sex toys can really add an entirely new level of fun and satisfaction to your sex life so don’t let this put you off, but just make sure you know what you’re playing with and take it slowly if you are a first timer.

This article was written by Addison Randall from Red Mud Media.


I gotta throw my $0.02 in!

While this is all great information, I do not use condoms on my toys. As some of you well know, I only play with toys that are made of non-porous materials. If you are using toys made of silicone or glass toys you may not need a condom. I have made exceptions for some materials and that is when I throw the condom on them.

Certain silicone mixtures can cause infections as well if you are sensitive. The biggest culprits of infection are usually jelly, cyberskin and rubber toys. Some women have no problem with them. Certain ingredients in some lubrication can make some sensitive people get infections. If you are using sex toys and suddenly get an infection, check the ingredient list in your lubrication. If it contains glycerin you might wanna try something else.

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