Busy Weekend

I am exhausted! We had four nights out in a row this weekend….lots of sex with some old and new friends! Thursday was a meet and greet with a new couple. It almost didn’t happen and then when we finally met them I think we scared them off. I gotta remember that some people are not like us…the toys, the website, the web camming; it is just too much for some folks! Good thing I don’t care. I might have been bothered all weekend by their subtle rejection but we were too busy having fun with other people!

Friday Miguel called and said we were going to a house party. Yeah! I was so excited to be mingling in close quarters with another sexy couple and a single guy I am very familiar with! This guy’s pad is awesome and he is an excellent host. The other couple was suppose to be there at 4:30, we were the ones running late at first. We text out host to let him know and he said he hadn’t heard from the other couple, so it wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately, this couple just stopped communicating with him about an hour before the party. He showed us all the texts and confirmed that he had played with this couple 2 times before….WTF! They did call him the next day and said that they were just too tired. »»This brings up the etiquette issue. Don’t stop being polite people, this couple will not get another chance to make a first impression with us. They will forever be the no-shows!«« The host felt so bad, he promised us another couple and then it was only him. Last minute is hard to get others together. We had played with this guy a few times before, so I knew what a good time he was. Although it was Friday, we decided to stay put and use him for our entertainment. (Not that he minded at all!) It ended up being a very good fucking time and Miguel got everything on video. And yes Lovelies, I will be posting this awesome footage very shortly. Lots of oral and rough sex. This guy is in excellent shape and shows me his strength every time we play.

Saturday night was Eyz Wide Shut night. I had some new thigh high lace-up boots. These things were so nice. I got them last week by mail from SheVibe.










The corset is new too, we got it that night from the boutique store that sells sexy stuff at Eyz. The corset top has metal rings over the nipples. I love the look of this thing. I had a really hard time trying to figure out what to wear with the boots. We saw that leather corset and I knew it was a winning combo…now I just need a skirt to go with it. We brought the flogger along and I found myself strapped the bench again at playtime. I really loved it, especially since there were no giggly girls to ruin my scene. I am not going to devulge all the details, I will tell you that the boots did not come off during play….(insert imagination here).

That is all for now, I might tell you about our Sunday hook-up later. Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

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