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I received the new Lyla from Lelo toys. Lelo is very excited about the line of LELO Insignia, and it is not hard to see why! The Lyla features New Insignia SenseMotion which is something new from Lelo. What is SenseMotion? SenseMotion is like the technology used in game controllers and cell phones. Lelo put this into a sex toy!

The remote of the toy I received is like a small disc. The gold sided cover screws off to reveal the battery compartment. The remote takes 2 AAA batteries which Lelo has included. The remote has three silicone buttons, (+) (0) (-) . The toy isn’t so intuitive, in that you will need to play around with it to get a feel for how it works and it’s potential. Along with the buttons tilting, shaking,  or inverting the remote changes the vibrations. This toy is intended for couples play, but can be used solo. The remote has a range of up to 39 feet and has a bit of vibration itself, so you (or your partner) can know the amount of vibration you are giving. The receiving piece has only one button that turns it on or off. The cap of the toy itself screws off to reveal the female part for the charging cord to be inserted into. This toy takes batteries, and it is rechargeable?!

Okay, so you hit the (+) on the remote and the button on the toy. A light comes on on each to show you it is on. Wait a few seconds and then you can begin to play with this toy. The controls are a bit complicated. The toys has 8 modes. Press the (0) button to change modes.

  • MODE 1: The Lyla starts in this mode once it is turned on. Hold the controller flat, then you can tilt the remote to increase or or decrease the level of vibration of the toy.
  • MODE 2: Press the (0) button. This is the shake mode. The faster you shake the remote the more intense the vibrations will get. If you don’t move the controller, the toy does not vibrate.
  • MODE 3: Press the (0) button twice. Then (+) will increase the vibrations, (-) will decrease the vibrations. The (0) button will now cycle through the patterns, and eventually back to MODE 1.
  • MODE 4: Long Vibrations with a short pause
  • MODE 5: Faster vibrations with a shorter pause
  • MODE 6: Building Vibrations Low to High, with no pause.
  • MODE 7: Cycling vibrations low to high, much slower
  • MODE 8: Random Pattern

Now pressing (+) or (-) in modes 3-8 will increase or decrease the intensity within the pattern, I have never seen a toy do that. To turn Lyla off, just hold down the (-) button on the remote until the light shuts off, then hit the button on the toy itself. If you forget this step, it will stay on for up to 1 hour looking and waiting for a signal. This is not really a big deal, you just may need to charge it more often. The Lyla flashes during operation when it needs a charge and will glow white when it is done charging.

The materials are plastic and velvety smooth silicone. Both the remote and the toy are waterproof. Use a water-based lubricant, since it is silicone. This toy is virtually silent, except maybe the moans of delight emitted from the receiver! It is a very sexy looking toy. The one I revied was Pink, but it also comes in Rich Purple and Black. The Lyla is 2″ long with a cord that is 3″ long and very secure. The lyla unscrews at the bottom. The remote is 2.25″ and disc shaped. It easily fit into my hand and would certainly fit in the pocket of most pants without being noticed. Waterproof, silent, and discreet! Lelo knows what I like!

Only luxury packaging for Lelo toys! The box is paper over a cardboard black box. It is also very discreet and perfect for storage. If that seems to big for you, Lelo has included a satin pouch, in black, that easily holds the remote and the Lyla. My Lyla also came with an Insignia broach. The box also contained the information needed for the warranty, a sample of Lelo water-based lubricant, the recharging cord, and 2 AAA batteries. Lelo offers a 1 year unlimited warranty and a 10 year 50% replacement warranty.

Ideally you could activate this toy, turn the remote off, then turn it back on without telling your partner. It could be a lot of fun! My Miguel really enjoyed increasing the vibrations, taking me to the brink, then slowing it down again. He really liked having control. Once we figured out how to operate it, it is easy to play with. I originally wanted the Tiani, which looks like the we-vibe but offers SenseMotion as well, I still might get it. This toy is so much more fun than that would have been! We like taking this toy out to the club. Miguel loves to show it off. I don’t like to think too much when I play solo, so at first this was just frustrating. Then I took the time to figure it out….and it is one of my favorites! This toy is very strong for a rechargeable vibe. It is just as strong as my MiMi, and you know how much I love that gem! I highly recommend this vibe for couples, it is so much fun!

This is the official press release of SenseMotion toys from Lelo.

Also, for those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on one Sex Forums is giving away one each from Lelo; Lyla, Oden and Tiani.

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