Bendybeads Anal Beads -Review

I was so grateful to receive the Fun Factory Bendy Beads from Good Vibrations this month. Fun Factor is very conscience of materials and toy safety so anal beads from them are made from 100% non-porous, medical grade silicone. They are perfect for anal play since bacteria will not absorb into it’s surface. They can easily be cleaned by boiling for 5-10 minutes, wiping down with a 10% bleach solution and water, or carefully cleaned with antibacterial soap and water or just use a sex toy cleaner.

These beads are pure fun as well! They are matte silicone, which does pick up lint, but feels very dense. The silicone string between them is pretty squishy, but not so much that it makes insertion very difficult. It stretches a small bit and is felt very secure when I tugged on it. Each bead is about 1″ in length. The beads start at 1/2″ in width and work up to 1.5″ for the biggest bead. I liked the fact that I can gradually go up in size, or stop at any bead I want. The flange is 1.75″ wide and easy to holding onto as you pull them out. The Bendy Bead is about 10″ long with 7″ being insertable.

This toy has some variety in play, and should work for most beginners to even intermediate users. What does that mean? I don’t have anal sex all the time, so I would consider myself an intermediate user okay? I wouldn’t call myself a beginner. This toy is smaller than a cock, so if you are new, this would be a nice way to start to explore anal play. This toy is designed to look like some peas in a pod. The one I have here is red but Good Vibrations carries this in a violet color. The violet color is nice looking. This toy does have a small seam running up the side, which I never felt during play. I know that may be a deal-breaker for some of you, so I had to mention it.

To use this, or any anal toy, use plenty of lubrication. The anal orifice does produce a small amount of lube, but not nearly enough for anal play. I have listed some other tips for anal play here. Since this toy is silicone, I used a water-based lubrication to get it ready for insertion. Actually, I only used this on myself, or more specifically, had Miguel use it on me. He says to hold each bead firmly when inserting. Having lubrication can make this a bit difficult, but well worth the frustration. He says holding the handle made it too flimsy to insert and it ended up bending before he penetrated anything. He slowly inserted this toy, one bead at a time, which gave me a small break between sizes. He then pulled them out while I diddled my clit. This toy felt awesome going in and especially coming out. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone interested in anal beads.This toy could be used on either a man or a woman! If I could only figure out the timing, I am sure they would feel wonderful cuming out as I climax!

The packaging looks much the same for all Fun Factory toys. Fun Factory always includes care and information in about 8 different languages. They also include a catalog of their other toys and a sample of their own brand of lubrication. This is a sample of a water-based lubrication, that works very well with the silicone.


The box has a flap that opens on one side which mentions the selling points of this toy specifically. It has a magnetic closure. I like that they do not cheapen the look with half naked people on the box. It looks and performs like a luxury item. It would make a great gift and looks expensive.

Good Vibrations offers Sex Education too! Good Vibrations Sex Ed Series: How to Enjoy Anal Sex.

Good Vibrations sells the Bendybeads for only $34! Subscribe to their e-mail list to get an additional $5 off any order.

 I was supplied this toy free of charge from Good Vibrations in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. Philip says:

    I love your review. This product looks fun and affordable. Your link to anal tips is a perfect fit for anyone that buys this product.

  2. Raymond Schadt says:

    Your website is really great. Keep going that way.

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