I went to update a fucking plug-in and it fucked my whole website up! I hate impromptu code fixing! Glad I was able to fix it, I would have missed you all terribly!

Today Miguel is leaving me! He has to go out of town for work and I will be missing him something awful! It is just 3 days but I sure do hate sleeping without him.

Last night we fucked like teenagers. I got my hair done yesterday and some new sexy lingerie. We got some new toys we were dying to try out. Some new anal beads and a silicone cock ring. I don’t know dick about cock rings okay! I ordered what is referred to as a “c” ring. Some of you probably know already what the differences are but I don’t. This ring came and it was way big, like too big for just cock. On the back it showed a diagram of it going over cock and balls….oh, okay!

I wasn’t there for the details of how he got it on or off. I can just tell you that it looked delicious as it pushed everything forward in a tight little bundle. I didn’t get any pictures of that but I did of my new outfit…scroll to see. Miguel really loves taking pictures so he takes a lot of me every time I get something new. I had so much fun getting his cock hard for him, he almost came in my mouth! Miguel wanted to use those anal beads on me before he came so I bent over on my bonbon, he lubricated those beads and slowly inserted them into my ass. Pulling them out produced a sensation I have never experienced, it is awesome! Those beads are going to get an awesome review from me! After a few minutes  of him slowly inserting and then pulling them out quickly I was cumming all over the place. It was almost embarrassing how much I lubed up and came with just the anal beads! I showed Miguel how wet I was and Miguel put those beads aside and his cock into me. I can tell you that it felt fuller with his balls slamming into me. We fucked doggy style with him pulling my hair for a while, then he had me roll onto my back. He didn’t last very long with me in this position grinding into him and he came so hard in my pussy. I was sad he didn’t pull out but I think it kinda caught him by surprise. I really wanted to see his cum shoot all over me…next time for sure. He also promised to use the flogger on me as well. I am getting pretty horny thinking about last night. There was so much cum when we were through, it was dripping out of me. I couldn’t tell if it was him or me. I am missing him so much already!













  1. april taylor says:

    Nice post!

  2. SexToyRick says:

    Yummy , whos the model in the pics :) Kudos :)

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