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Good Vibrations Sex Toys sent me the Angelo Vibe from FunFactory. This vibe is pretty awesome, in that the materials and quality are top notch. It is made of medical grade silicone, which is easy to clean and care for. Again, no silicone lube with silicone vibrators. Use water based lubrication and you will not have a problem. The silicone of this vibe is a bit tacky, so it will pick up dust and hair. Unfortunately, it does not come with a storage pouch. Luckily, I have an extra one that I will use for storing this toy.


It has plenty of ridges in the texture and just enough of a curve for g-spot stimulation. This vibe is only 5.5″ long with 4.5″ being insertable. I know this may not be long enough for some, but like the Bimini Flash, (also by Fun Factory), this size vibrator works for me. I found this toy to be easy to use, and powerful enough to get me off, every time.


This toy is part of the click-n-charge phenomena. It has a magnetic charger that plug is, just line it up with the base of the toy¬† and it “clicks” together. The Fun Factory logo lights up on the charger when it is charging. I like a rechargeable toy. I use my toys a whole lot and so this will save me a small fortune in batteries! (especially since I almost always run my toys on the highest setting the whole time!)


This toy actually came to me in two boxes. One box containing the toy itself, instructions and a small sample pouch of Fun Factory lubrication; the other box held the charger and information about how to use a click-n-charge toy. All the click-n-charge toy chargers are interchangeable. My Bimini flash charger works for this and vice-versa. The Angelo vibe is housed in a box all it’s own with a window on both side and information flaps that hold together magnetically. The boxes are nice and really make this look like the luxury vibe it is.

The controls for this vibe are both silicone overlay, for a seamless look. The buttons are (+) and (-) with the (+) being a bit bigger. You have to start at the lowest setting every time you turn it on, which is a shame because the first 2 settings were completely useless to me. There are 7 (possibly 8 ) vibrations speeds on this vibe. They build gradually, so it is hard to tell how many clicks got there. To turn it on just hold down the (+) button for a few seconds. To turn it off hold the (-) button till it gets to the lowest setting, then click it again. Easy to use!

Wait, did I almost forget to mention this toy is waterproof? Yup, it is seamless except for the plastic cap. I submerged this toy and took it in the shower, no water ruined it for me. Oh also, this toy is very quiet. On the first 5 settings it is quieter than a cell phone on vibrate. On the highest few settings it can barely be heard across the room. Quiet, waterproof, powerful and discreet…..making me love this vibe! I am giving it 5 stars for quality and functionality!

Good Vibrations has this vibe for $74, it is a good investment for a quality vibe! Good Vibrations has been selling quality vibes for over 30 years. They are a great company with excellent customer service, I highly recommend shopping there for their selection and good prices.

I was supplied this toy free of charge from Good Vibrations in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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