Last Saturday we went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa. I was feeling pretty frisky. We were a bit short on funds, so for the very first time we did not get full access. This was undeniably a big mistake that we won’t be making again. It was not a very busy night at first, but they had a whole lot of new faces I had never seen before. It ended up being a very good night there. Every time we go we have fun. Miguel asked me, like he usually does, if I saw any with potential. I had been thinking that I didn’t want any of the guys in the room. None of them held my attention. I had a taste for something different. It has been alot of cock lately and I had a taste for something sweet and soft. There were some very sexy women in the crowd and I looked around and noticed the allure and draw to almost every one of them. I wanted a female for the night. I spotted the girl that I wanted most. I could have had her, if only we had purchased full access! I think the disappointment was double for Miguel. We always have each other, but Miguel really enjoys watching me. I was so turned on by my thoughts that we left soon after they went next door. We got in the car and I slid my pants off one leg. Miguel successfully drove us home despite the distraction of me playing with toys and alternating attention to his cock. He stayed hard the whole way home thanks to my oral affections.

I could almost picture the events that occurred after that. They went next door with the other couple we were talking to. I doubt she would have done the things that I wanted to do to her. The other couple was new and so this would have been more about awkwardness. More about the swap. I would have put on a very long display of affection for that girl. I would have seduced her and pleased her till she opened up for me like the flower she was. I am usually shy in my affections with women. I felt very aggressive that night. I would have made all the first moves and put her at ease. I would have explored her body with my hands and undressed her slowly and teasingly. I would have licked and kissed her all over.

This is almost never my real objective. I always look at the male counterpart and that is what draws me to a couple. Saturday I only wanted a female. I have been thinking about this all week, (it is only Tuesday but the days have been long for me). Actually, a conversation with a couple on the phone recently triggered this thought. The girl was saying to me that she wasn’t that “into” girls and would be more interested in Miguel. Normally, this would have been fine. In fact, I was all ready to go meet the couple, but Miguel was too tired. He said it was almost too late to play. The next day when I thought about it, I was glad we didn’t go meet them. I don’t want another cock right now. I want the soft lips of a girl. I want to get tangled in the long hair and bury my face in her chest. I want the feel and touch only a woman can give. I want to taste the parts that please her and feel the cream of a woman on my face. This is something I need right now.

Right now, I am left wanting.

It does not help that Miguel and I have very little opportunity for sex these days. The planets must be misaligned or something. It is not for lack of wanting. I will always want Miguel. He knows every inch of my body and he pleases me every time. We have aspirations of sharing our lust here for you to enjoy. Miguel has a new video idea almost everyday. Our problems with accomplishing this are 20 months and 3 years old, respectively. Apparently, our bed is the only one that is comfy enough for these choosey sleepers. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could sleep in, but we gotta work.¬† I am posting a new gallery of pictures on my members only side. These are the pics too racy for the website. My plans of carving a niche in the adult market are not enough to pay all our bills…yet! I am left wanting for that as well.

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