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I got the Tantus Feeldoe Slim for review. I was looking for something like the Share from FunFactory that I own currently. I wanted a toy like that, that was more comfortable. The Share is a bit heavy for me. The Share actually weighs about 1.5 lbs and the Feeldoe weighs only 1 lbs.  The Feeldoe delivered something that was not just more comfortable, but also had a bonus for the wearer. The bonus is the ridges and the vibrating bullet. It creates a wonderful buzzy sensation to the clitoris to go with the full feeling of the Feeldoe.

The Feeldoe is a total of 16″ of medical grade, body safe silicone. It is a double dildo, minus the harness. It is worn by inserting the bulb-like end which is about 3.5″ in insertable length. You hold it in by tightening your kegal muscles on the small end, and the dildo sticks out another 6.5″.  The shaft has a bit of a curve and is good for g-spot or prostate stimulation. It has a 2.5″ removal bullet that goes into the bottom and helps to vibrate the clit ridges for the wearer. It does work and it is very comfortable. I really enjoyed how it felt when I leaned in real close to the receiving person because it pushed the ridges and they rocked on my clit. The great thing about this toy is it’s versatility. It can be used anally on a male to perform double penetration. It can be used solo for double penetration and it can also be used by a woman on a woman, and they both get stimulation. Feeldoe was made by a woman, for a woman. It is the first of this kind of double dildo to hit the market. Tantus now offers a whole line of doubled-ended dildos that work similar to the Feeldoe Slim.

Silicone is such a great material for this type of dildo because it is easy to care for and clean. This toy can be boiled for 3-5 mins (once the vibrator is removed). It can be cleaned with soap and water or any sex toy cleaner. The silicone is a bit tacky so it will probably need rinsing at least prior to usage. It tends to pick up any hair or lint that it can find. Since it is silicone I only use water-based lubrication. The vibrator is a small silver bullet about 2.5″ in length that goes into a small hole.  It is a pretty tight fit and did not threaten to fall out during play. It looks like it has a waterproof band where it unscrews but I haven’t yet submerged it in water. The vibrator takes 3 watch batteries. The hole seemed standard enough that if the vibrator died finding a replacement would not be that difficult.










It is a quality toy that is made to last a very long time! The Feeldoe Slim can be purchased at HedoVibes.


I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. Krissy H says:

    I absolutely positively want one of these!
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  2. didi says:

    I just bought the stout today and want to use it for solo dp however I would rather use the bulb anally but its such a challenge to keep in even with my harness… any suggestions?

    • BlueKaren says:

      I don’t have any suggestions. The feeldoe has a more rigid silicone that other harnessless strap-on toys I have reviewed. I imagine this is frustrating and I wish I could offer something else.

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  4. Miranda says:

    Great review. I have wanted to try a feeldoe for a while and just never had the right opportunity.

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