LELO Ella- Review

I got the LELO Ella for review. Like everything from LELO it is made of high quality silicone and comes in an awesome package. I choose the Ella for review because of it’s supposed ability to stimulate the g-spot. I can truly say now that this is not just a rumor. The Ella is fantastic for g-spot stimulation. It is rigid and not soft. This makes it easy to stimulate the g-spot, because you control the pressure. The flat side of the Ella is just right for hitting the whole sensitive zone. The other side is great for thrusting with a bit of a curve to hit the g-spot as well.

The Ella worked great for me! I use it alone and with a little something extra for clitoral stimulation. I am able to hit my g-spot with no problem every time. For those who love g-spot play, I highly recommend this toy. Not only is this toy nice to look at, but it is made of silicone. Silicone is a nonporous, food-grade material, that is hypo-allergenic, phthalates and latex free. This silicone also has a matte feel to it which creates a bit of a drag. it is not sticky and does not collect lint or hair. The matte finish helps to keep a grip on this toy when it is lubed up. Silicone will not absorb lubrication, so use it sparingly. I didn’t really need lubrication, since I provide enough of my own. This material is compatible with water-based lubrication only. DO NOT use silicone based lubrication on a silicone toy, it will make it smell funny. The Ella had no smell or taste out of the box.

The LELO Ella is about 7.5″ long with just enough of a curve to make it awesome. This toy fit easily into my hand, and the material feels soft and satiny. The name LELO is embossed on the side of the shaft. It is completely seamless. This toy is really easy to clean, too. All you need is soap and water. I use a sex-toy cleaner. You can also boil this toy for 3-5 minutes, or use a 10% bleach solution to clean it. The Ella has no mechanical parts that can be ruined in water, so it can be used in the shower, the bath, the pool, or the spa…I am so enamored with this toy! I love the look and feel, and the fact that it really works for g-spot stimulation! The Ella comes in the rose color you see in the pictures and in sexy black. They are both gorgeous!

The Elle comes in this box with the color of your choice on three sides and a picture of the toy on the back. I think the box is really discreet. Inside the box, is another box that houses the Ella. This would be great for storage. But just in case that doesn’t work for you, it also comes with a black satin pouch for storage with a drawstring. It also comes with a year warranty with fully paid replacement, and a 10 year warranty that will give a 50% discount if you Ella should need replacement.

This toy is deluxe and it is available at HedoVibes.

I received this product from free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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